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Increase Hotel ROI With Plants

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

No matter where someone travels, they’re always looking to stay in a place with a view. While the most spectacular views come with equally spectacular price tags, hotels with more humble vistas can still be desirable destinations if they have the right design elements. The lobby is an especially powerful place for improving aesthetics, and some of the latest research has pointed to plants being one of the most powerful design elements.

Why Choose Hotel Lobby Plants?

Hotel lobbies are not quite as transitory as they have been in the past. They’ve become “hang-out” spaces for guests and their visitors. Many hotels have capitalized on this trend with increased seating, cafes, bars and even full-service restaurants. But how do plants influence this lobby experience?

In recent years, hotel research teams have discovered a preference among guests for more natural, biophilic designs, especially among hotel guests staying in more urban locations. Hotels will often accomplish this experience by designing lobbies with a smattering of plants scattered about their lobbies. The more ambitious hotels embraced this biophilic preference, making it the central tenet of their lobby design with plenty of living plants. These hotels experienced a host of benefits, including:

Improved Aesthetics

Living plants can contribute immensely to the aesthetic of a building, bringing a unique look and feel to the space, depending on how they are used. They can be used as both central and peripheral decorations, taking up entire rooms or complementing small corners. In recent years, more prominent designs like green walls and rows of palm trees have become more popular, but even a well-placed ivy can work wonders for a room’s appearance.

Better Customer Experience

Hotel guests love a well-groomed plant. Plants in general foster thoughts of health, wellness and community, providing a more welcoming feeling to guests as they enter a building. When a hotel takes advantage of this response by using plants in their design, they can associate themselves with positive thoughts, improving customers’ affinity for the brand as a whole!

More Economical

Their aesthetic power makes plants a more economical decoration option than many other styles. While expensive paintings and walls of mirrors have been used in the past, simple plants in appropriate vessels can be immensely more effective while costing significantly less.

Increased Revenue

The ultimate proof is in the numbers. In recent studies comparing hotels with biophilic designs against others of comparable quality, the biophilic hotels came out with a distinct advantage. These hotels had longer average guest stays and increased occupancy, despite charging slightly more than their competitors. This success resulted in higher revenues overall.

Get a Free Estimate

To learn more about the best plants for your Denver hotel, contact Plant Escape. Our professional plantscaping company provides professional design and care services for businesses across Colorado, developing cost-effective yet beautiful interior plant designs for hotels like yours. See what 40 years of experience in plant design can do for you — call 303.584.0496 today for a free consultation and estimate.

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