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Living wall in office around pensil drawing


The Plant Escape Way


A green wall is a customized, ever-changing piece of living art in your facility. One that’s not only visually stunning but also offers both health and environmental benefits. If this sounds appealing to you, our living wall installation services might be just what you need. 

Living walls — also referred to as green walls or vertical gardens — are vertical planting structures which hold anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of living plants. Depending on your preferences and budget, they can vary from simple trellis systems to highly complex ecosystems equipped with irrigation, drainage and lighting. Vertical gardens make a statement to your guests and employees that you care about the environment inside the facility and that you’re investing resources to offset your carbon footprint. Contact us to talk about what our living wall installation services can do for your office environment.

Our Vertical Gardens Installation Process

From the time we agree on a proposal, you can expect it to take about 4 weeks to get the materials in and installation complete.

Design Consultation and Quote


This process includes a conversation with you to ensure we have a good understanding of your vision and color preferences. We complete a site survey to determine where the living wall will be located, the size of the structure, what type of plants will do well in the environment, as some are better suited to certain environments than others. Finally, it includes a quote to provide you with an overview of the costs and services involved in creating your living wall and the ongoing care and maintenance.

Wall Installation


Once you’ve approved the design and quote, we sign a contract with you and collect a 50% deposit. We then order the materials and coordinate with contractors (plumbers, electricians and millworkers) to install the wall in your building at a time that’s convenient for you. While the wall system itself can go in anytime while most construction is being completed, the installation of the plants themselves will need to wait to go in once the construction of the space is complete. Drywall & general construction dust is harmful to the plants. 

Ongoing Maintenance


After your living wall installation, we supply ongoing maintenance to enable it to flourish and continue to look beautiful. We take care of all of the watering and fertilizing, as well as the cleaning, pruning and insect and disease control. Furthermore, if any of the plants aren’t doing well, we replace them at no additional cost to you. While irrigated walls tend to need bi-weekly care visits, hand watered walls need to be seen on a weekly basis. The tray system holds enough water for a single week - so a Plant Technician needs to refill them every 7 days. 



For complete wall coverage you can expect to invest between $175-$200 per sqft for a living wall. This includes the living wall system, Irrigation Components, plants and installation labor. Other expenses you’ll incur will include having a plumber bring water to the wall and provide drainage from the wall. If water or drainage are not possible, we have wall systems which utilize a tank system. The other expense you’ll incur will be having an electrician install an outlet near the water supply for the irrigation timer and track lighting above the wall to ensure the plants thrive.  Other costs include delivery of materials, trip charges (bring the guys out) and dump fees if materials need to be removed.

When you think about ongoing maintenance for living walls, expect to pay between $5-$7 per month, per square foot for care and guarantee on the plant material. This will include full upkeep of the wall.

If complete coverage isn’t desired, individual planters or Wall Sconces can be installed for as low as $85 per piece. Depending on your tastes, the price can go up. Sconces can be placed symmetrically or sporadically to fill in the space as desired.



“Mae does a great job at Liberty Media on our 2 live plant walls and our decorative plants in the building. She is a breath of fresh air with her bubbly yet professional manner.”


We're blessed to have a 4.9 star rating on Google with more reviews than any of our competitors.

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