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Biophilic Design Part 2

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Gain a Business Edge - Incorporate Biophilic Design in your Workplace Today

More and more businesses are turning to biophilic design to not only improve their workplace environments, but also boost employee morale as well. Let’s face it, a business environment is where most everyday folks spend a majority of time, and for many they are confronted with the same four walls consistently. Doesn’t it make smart business sense to at least provide the best atmosphere for employees to not only thrive, but excel. Thanks for tuning into our second blog post in this introducing you to biophilic design series. If you missed the first one, be sure to check it out here. Today, we further encourage you to incorporate biophilic design into your workplace or home not just as a strategic business decision, but a way of life.

Why implement biophilic design in your workplace?

Every workspace is different. Even if your nature of work is commonplace, how your employees perform might make all the difference. A slight adjustment in your work space may boost the bottomline quicker than you think. Employees already have to perform repetitive tasks on a daily basis, this is an opportunity to freshen up the environment to keep them sharp and focused. Supporting employee well-being can only lead to more trust and increased loyalty. Take full advantage of our experience and expertise in biophilic design across numerous industries. We are strategically positioned to help you optimize and organize your space with a human focus. Increase comfort levels for your employees or clients when they visit. Improving natural lighting and inviting subtle patterns or textures helps set the right mood and atmosphere. Businesses at the vanguard of workplace design like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple are heavily investing in Biophilic Design elements because they know it works effectively. Let us help you too. Our mission is to create a Biophilic-designed environment that brings nature to you and your team.

Competitive advantages of incorporating biophilic design in your workplace

In today’s business climate, due to the present state of the world with the threat of airborne disease, employees are under enough stress as it is. Business owners and corporate leaders now realize that employees are far more than just employees, they are human beings first and foremost. Human beings require a well-balanced atmosphere to not merely reach peak performance, but to sustain it too. No other entity has proven its staying power more than Mother Nature since the dawn of time. Introduce the infinite power of nature into your workplace. Be sure to make the right decision today to stay ahead of your competition. Invest in the right strategic tools that can move the needle for your organization. In other words, invest in biophilic design.

Essential elements of biophilic design and architecture inject positive spirits right into the veins of your employees. Because your workplace becomes more relaxed and inspirational, you automatically invite enhanced creativity and productivity. When your employees are happier and healthier at work, say goodbye to the no-show excuses, they instantly become more liberated, operating at a higher level of awareness and consciousness. Imagine what kind of business results you can inspire with such an environment. In order to excel in your marketplace, maximize the resources you already have, your precious employees. Biophilia is more than just a philosophy, it has been found to support cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being. Introducing more natural light and air with relaxing water and live plants along with natural wood and stone, including earth tones, brings your workplace to life.

- Instantly alleviate employee stress

- Improve employee health and balance

- Boost creativity and natural problem-solving skills

- Become your industry leader by attracting and retaining top talent

- Earn the trust of your employees by investing in their happiness and well-being

No need to hesitate any longer! Make a wise business decision now, let our team of professionals schedule a free design consultation to see how we can boost your overall performance.

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