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The Plant Escape Way

We've seriously got the best job in the world. Take a look below at the awesome projects we get to install for our clients. 

Below are several photos of jobs we have had the opportunity to complete for our clients. We specialize in design, installation and maintenance of office plants, living walls, moss walls, annuals and perennials. If you have a question on any of them or just need one for yourself, just let us know.

Below is a bit about the services we offer at Plant Escape.

Living Walls

Living walls make your guests say WOW when they come across them. Everyone always wants to know if it is real (then they often go up and touch it.) The living wall systems we use at Plant Escape are specially designed to ensure the plants thrive in your environment They also make ongoing maintenance a straightforward process, so our Plant Techs can ensure your wall always looks great.

Blooming Plant Program

Blooming orchids, anthurium and bromeliads make a statement to your guests the moment they walk through the door. The scream elegance and sophistication. While blooming plants cost more then standard tropical plants, they're worth every penny. Want a trendy piece for your employee lounge areas, consider succulent bowls.

Exterior Landscape Maintenance

Like everything important in life, if you want to ensure it gets done on time, every time - automate it! Plant Escape offers year round exterior landscape maintenance programs to keep the outside of your property looking tidy and professional from season to season. From raking the leaves and pulling weeds, to keeping the walkways free of leaves. Plant Escape will take care of you maintenance needs.

Holiday Decor

Nothing puts your employees and guests in the holiday spirit like festive lights on the trees around your building or a tree and wreaths in your lobby. Let the team at Plant Escape take care of your holiday decor for every season. You've got a lot to do, and while hanging a few lights can be fun - let us take care of the larger projects, when you want thousands of lights put out on display - or 15 foot tall trees, set up and decorated.

Moss Walls and Panels 

Moss walls are a trendy way to bring the outdoors into your home or office without all the ongoing maintenance of a living wall or tropical plants. Moss walls don't need to be watered (as they are 'preserved') so they keep looking great for years to come. In Colorado, moss does dry out, and becomes brittle to the touch. So if someone breaks some off, we can have someone come back out and easily patch up the bare spot.

Plant and Living Wall Rentals

While corporate events are a lot of fun, they can be a bit sterile. Livin up your tradeshow booth or the entire tradeshow floor with living tropical (or evergreen) plants, trees and living walls. Our portable living walls have been used as selfie stations and 'Instagram' walls for wedding and corporate events across Colorado. You can even give the plants away a the end of your event, if you so choose.

Need one (or more) of these to complete your space? We'd love the opportunity to work with you on your next enhancement.

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