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The Plant Escape Way

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Plant Escape has been serving a diverse group of homeowners and businesses across Colorado for over 40 years. From installing annual around the pool area of hotels and apartment complexes to living walls in office buildings and restaurants - we have loved serving all kinds of clients across the state.

Apartment Communities

Developing curb appeal is one of the most important parts of managing an apartment community, especially when it comes to attracting new tenants. Barren landscapes, plain hallways and empty common areas do nothing to impress potential renters and may prompt them to move on to the next option. Instead, you can give your complex a boost and improve its curb appeal by partnering with a commercial landscape company like Plant Escape.

Plant Escape specializes in landscape services for apartment communities, creating and maintaining beautiful exterior and interior landscapes to catch the interest of your potential renters. Exterior plant designs can help create focal points in your landscape, bringing color and contrast to your complex. Interior plant designs can do much the same thing, especially for your apartment community’s rental office. Both options make your property more attractive to potential renters.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Bank landscapes and lobbies set the tone for customer transactions and loyalty. One of the easiest ways for banks to improve their client loyalty and engagement is with interior and exterior plant landscaping.

Plants are a unique way of adding a bit of interest to a building, bringing an appealing look and welcoming feeling to the space. They’re also calming for customers to look at, easing the nerves sometimes associated with visiting a financial institution. These benefits even improve the experience for bank employees, who benefit from the improved air quality and aesthetic appeal in and around their workplace.

Businesses Across Colorado

Plant Escape provides commercial landscaping services for companies in and around the Denver, CO area, designing interior and exterior plant installations for companies of all industries and sizes. Whether your company is looking for a couple of desk plants for your front office or wants to install a full-scale living wall in the center of your lobby, Plant Escape can accomplish it for you.

The benefits of pursuing professional landscaping services aren’t just aesthetic — they’re functional.

Builders & General Contractors

Having ingredients doesn’t make you a chef — it’s the expertise. The same goes for landscaping. Even if you’ve ordered landscaping materials, you may not have the knowledge you need to get the most out of them. To guarantee our clients have a say in their projects, we prepare a proposal before touching anything. We will only begin work when we have a plan everyone can agree on. You can explain your vision to us, and we can use our skills to make it a reality.

Conference & Convention Centers

When event organizers choose their venues, a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere is typically high on their list of must-haves. After all, they want to make sure their visitors have the best possible experience so any sponsors can be more than satisfied with the results. This is where the power of plants and landscaping shouldn’t be undervalued.

Plants make people feel less stressed and more relaxed. In addition, they provide fresh air, reduce noise and help regulate temperature. All these qualities are crucial to the success of crowded events, where people can quickly become overwhelmed and tired.

Plantscaping — the strategic placing of plants in and around a venue, much like portable architectural features — can enhance the power of plants even further by creating visual focal points that both engage and relax the mind. At the same time, from a functional perspective, using a plant feature such as a living wall can break up an area while simultaneously introducing fresh air into a space. And for outdoor events, plants can even be used to create shade.

Hotels, Resorts, & Casinos

Interestingly, creating fantastic interior and exterior spaces that run the sensory gamut from soothing to exciting is a large part of what makes Colorado’s hospitality industry so successful. Since visitors to Colorado spend on average more than $19 billion annually, creating the right aesthetic can translate into great business results.

For this reason, each hospitality property we work with is very important to our team of plantscapers and plant technicians. We know from experience that details like color schemes, plant rotations and fresh flower arrangements can make a big difference in telling the story you want your guests to understand and feel part of.

Plants and Property Management

Too many properties have barren landscapes, adding nothing to the appeal of a location and leaving any eyesores uncovered and easily visible. Leaving interiors empty poses the same problems. Property managers have to salvage the situation, adding to the interiors and exteriors of their properties to appeal to potential buyers and renters. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is with plant design.

Exterior plant design can help create focal points in a landscape, adding color and contrast to a location while also helping to cover up any eyesores on the property. Interior plant design can do much the same while also improving the air quality of the property interior. Both options make the area more attractive to potential buyers and make the property memorable.

Real Estate Agents

Along with making homes sell faster, using plants and professional landscaping to stage a home can also assist in securing the best possible sales price. In fact, according to Home & Garden Television, a home’s value can increase by as much as 10 percent when exterior landscaping and interior plants are placed appropriately to accent a property’s strongest and most unique selling points.

Of course, if you regularly use a professional home stager, you might think you’ve got this aspect of property preparation covered. But even home stagers can’t supply you with the type of plantscaping expertise that a professional plant technician can.

After more than 40 years of creating award-winning exterior and interior spaces for Colorado’s residential and commercial spaces, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to do this right.


Presentation is everything for restaurants. The presentation of an exterior has to entice people to come in, while the appearance of the lobby has to convince them to stay. When guests get to their table, the seating arrangement, atmosphere, food and waitstaff all have to create an atmosphere that the guests enjoy. Otherwise, they’re not likely to come back. Take everything to the next level with interior and exterior plant designs from Plant Escape.

Plants aren’t just filler for the front of your restaurant. Use them to add a natural, exotic flair to your location’s interior or to provide shade to your guests seated outdoors. Go beyond the typical shrubbery every restaurant uses around their entrance and plant colorful floral displays that entice guests with their beauty. Combined, your new plants can create a guest experience that keeps them coming back for more!



“Mae does a great job at Liberty Media on our 2 live plant walls and our decorative plants in the building. She is a breath of fresh air with her bubbly yet professional manner.”


We're blessed to have a 4.9 star rating on Google with more reviews than any of our competitors.

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