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The Plant Escape Way

Faux Living Wall

When your location can’t feasibly support living plants, high-quality silks can be a beautiful replacement. These plants bring the same look and feel as authentic as plants without the growing, care or maintenance requirements that come with live versions. Consider installing a faux living wall.

Denver's Faux Plant Provider

Though these replicas still need to be dusted and cleaned to look their best, Plant Escape can handle all the arranging, installing and even some of the maintenance for you. We can also provide a combination of silk and living plants for your faux living wall to create stunning displays that look as real as possible. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll achieve it with your decor.

Is that real?

The faux plant options available today are so life like, even we have to go up and touch them to see if they are real. You won't have to worry about cheap looking plants which are obviously made out of plastic - as it's almost impossible to tell them apart from the real thing. If your area doesn't have adequate light or if accessibility for ongoing maintenance is holding you back from live plants - let us design a faux plant arrangement that is sure to impress.

Custom-designed, eye catching arrangements bring beauty and prestige to any location. However, if you can’t have live plants in your site, you can still get the same color, texture and beauty without the maintenance needs or ongoing costs — try silk foliage installations from Plant Escape! Express your brand personality and tell us what you want to say: fun, professional, wild, exciting, reserved or welcoming. 



Silk flower arrangements often have a higher initial cost but require little to no maintenance afterward. There’s no need to hire someone to water your silk plants during the holiday vacation period, and you don’t need to shell out money to fertilize them or treat them for pests.

Green Plant

Artificial floral arrangements are much more permanent than living plants. While they still achieve the timeless look of living plants, these silks are genuinely timeless, lasting years with proper care and maintenance. A simple annual dusting can keep them looking great year after year.

Green Plant

Faux plants have been shown to have a similar effect on the human mind as live plants — just being around silk plants can decrease stress levels and improve your mood, enhancing the quality of your home or workplace.

Green Plant



Interior plant installations are a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial building, and that includes silk/faux plant designs. These natural-looking silk or rubber flower and plant arrangements bring Colorado's lobbies and offices a healthy, natural look without the maintenance needs.



The quality of materials available for faux wall installations vary so widely, it silly. From fake looking boxwood bushes, so poorly made - we're embarrassed to see them out in town, to high end (life like) materials that look so good, you have to feel them to see if they're real. On the less expensive end of the spectrum, you can have a wall installed with materials and installation for as low as $25 per square foot. But you'll never be pleased with the result. At around $40-$50 per sqft, you can get decent looking material. On the higher end of the line is the commercial grade (fire resistant) material, which will run you around $150 / sqft installed.

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