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(These are the plants you have to replant every year.)

The Plant Escape Way

When it comes to making your home or business stand out to your employees and guests, you can’t go wrong with annuals. Our annual flower installation and maintenance service can give your landscape stunning, colorful blossoms, all planted in time to flourish throughout the year.

The healthy, brighter, and more vibrant plumes bloom throughout the summer and enhance spaces that might be lacking vibrancy. Seasonal flowers are not only beautiful, they grow quickly, bloom longer, and make a statement to everyone who sees them.

Annuals planted in raised pot at Park Meadows Mall

The Landscaping Installation Process for Annuals

Our annual flower installation and maintenance service goes far beyond simply sticking flowers in the ground. 

First our team will visit the location, analyze the site for light conditions, and discuss color, variety and budget preferences with you. We then present design ideas with a proposal that includes the cost for materials and installation and ongoing maintenance throughout the season.


Once we’ve agreed to a plan, we collect a 50% deposit and schedule the work. Depending on the season, we suggest the ideal planting times and schedule a time that works with you to have our team out for the installation. The crew then comes to your site and preps the soil (soil amendments are almost always completed including tuning the soil and adding activated carbon, sand or peat moss and time-release fertilizer) then they plant the flowers. Once the installation is complete we let you know so your irrigation can be tuned on. If the client has chosen to have us perform ongoing maintenance, we’ll come out at a set interval (typically weekly or every other week) to weed, water and or deadhead and fertilize.

Maintenance Suggestions for Annuals

Gotta keep em poppin' all season long!

We suggest watering your annuals 3 times per week when the temperature is below 85 degrees and a 4th time each week when it is above 85. You are able to gauge water requirements of your patio flower bed by simply inserting a finger into the soil or monitoring for lack of gloss on leaves – they will also begin to look limp (sad) when they need a drink. We offer an ongoing care program whereby our landscapers will come out and water for you if an irrigation system isn’t in place. Several varieties of annual also require deadheading in order to continue blooming throughout the season. If you’d like to have us take care of this align with weeding for your business, we’d be happy to. 


Please share your design ideas with us and allow us the opportunity to create the Annuals Landscaping Design that you have been dreaming of. Once you have connected with our experts, we will work diligently to bring your design visions to life. Contact us today to schedule a free Design Consultation with our team of professionals!

Annuals Palomino Park Resort.
Annuals planted in flower bed in Denver Tech Center

So, why choose Plant Escape to transform the exterior of your business?

This isn't the kind of thing you shouldn't just leave to the guy that cuts your grass...

  • We have years of experience so we understand what varieties will work in which areas and which ones will not;

  • With extensive customization options, we can create a look that suits both your requirements and budget factors;

  • Plant Escape offers a full ongoing maintenance program to water, weed and deadhead your annual gardens;.

  • We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the outcome of our plantings, if you aren’t happy – we’ll fix it.

  • Through the years, Plant Escape has been awarded over 15 design awards for our annual bed & container installation. Our team has an eye for design which allows your property to stand out. We consider important elements in our design such as viewing distance, sun vs. shade, soil conditions and seasonality. We strive to offer premium quality materials and deliver exceptional services that exceed all client expectations.

Beautify your Home or Business with Seasonal Annuals

Add a pop of color to your monument sign, flower pots or flower beds with our Spring, Summer and Fall color options. We can even plant annuals that last through Colorado winters. With decorative Kale, pansies and dwarf albertas, your property can look great 12 months a year.



“Mae does a great job at Liberty Media on our 2 live plant walls and our decorative plants in the building. She is a breath of fresh air with her bubbly yet professional manner.”


We're blessed to have a 4.9 star rating on Google with more reviews than any of our competitors.

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