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Make your office more appealing for employees returning after Covid.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Inject plants for a healthier and happier workspace and workforce

Employers urging for the return of employees to traditional office environments should not overlook a significant opportunity post-Covid. And that opportunity is bringing the life value of plants into the office. Forcefully confined to their homes during the pandemic, many people brought more plants into their homes to help protect their mental and emotional well-being. Corporate stakeholders and employers would be wise to capitalize off that momentum.

Why plants especially?

Introducing plants into your office environment is scientifically proven to boost productivity. Still not convinced enough? Imagine plants are at the heart of the ecosystem that powers life on planet Earth. Okay, no more need to imagine, it's actually the cold truth. Plants are crucial for the entire planet and of course, all living things. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen from their leaves, which also happens to be the essential element that allows humans and other animals to breathe, to exist. Therefore, humans and other animals need to breathe, living organisms require plants to live - they eat them and live in them.

Plant Appeal

More and more companies around the globe are embracing biophilic design — the concept of bringing the supreme health qualities of nature indoors. Employers are now realizing the incredible power of leveraging plants to literally transform the nature of the traditional office space. The office desk is no longer the end of the office space. The use of plants doesn't have to stop with the indoor workspace only, it can also extend out to terraces as well. By simply bringing plants indoors, employers instantly inject more life into the organization. The workforce in a post-Covid period calls out for change and growth. Nothing signifies more change and growth than plants. What else could organically be so inspiring by itself? Just consider the track record of plants throughout the history of our entire planet's ecosystem.

The great indoors

Whenever we consider the great outdoors, well, what makes it so great? The infinite potency of Nature. What else has proven its unstoppable power over the ages. With all the emphasis in a pandemic world leaning towards being outdoors. Your workforce will also be more liberated that employers are focused on their physical and mental well-being. After what we've all endured with the virus, we've earned the right to cut loose. As an employer, when you focus on the health and well-being of employees, it gives them much more confidence in the company as a whole. Kind of lets them know the organization truly cares about their health and is willing to invest in modification and enhancement to the workspace. The entire work structure is centered around indoor work, truly take full advantage of transforming that indoor workspace to inspire employee sustained peak performance. Healthier and happier employees naturally stimulate enhanced productivity.

What plants deliver

Bringing living plants improves air quality immediately.

Plants help boost physical and mental wellness.

Plants work to relieve stress levels.

Plants reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Plants give life.

By simply bringing plants into the workspace, as an employer, you've executed an inspiring and strategic business move that positively impacts the entire nature of the organization. With more positively-charged and less stressed employees, business results are destined to fully blossom.

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