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The Plant Escape Way

Interior and Exterior Landscaping Services

At Plant Escape, we’re passionate about the power of plants. From providing your team an alternative breakroom retreat to offering your clients a reason to stay and return, interior and exterior landscaping for your home or business can lead to an improved environment and happier experience. It can plant the seeds to productivity boosts, satisfaction increases and a lasting impression on your friends, coworkers and guests.

Tropical Plants in raised planter in office space

Interior Plantscaping

Plants Complete Your Space.

Brighten your entryways, waiting rooms, meeting spaces and more with the lively colors of blooming flowers, tropical foliage plants, living walls or moss walls. 


Accent your arrangements with decorative rocks, Spanish moss and shredded aspen bark. Tell us what you’re looking for and allow our team to bring your vison to life. As a part of our indoor plant service, we’ll also care for your arrangements by watering, fertilizing, trimming, staging and replacing plants as they grow to large for the space.

All of our ongoing care comes with a full guarantee on the plants. If one fails or gets old, we'll replace it at no additional cost to you.

Exterior Plantscaping

An unkempt property is uninviting property. In fact, it can even pose a health and safety risk that no smart business owner or manager wants to assume. But beyond safety factors, nothing makes a property pop like a beautiful flower bed around the monument sign or front entrance. Finely manicured bushes lining a sidewalk tell employees and guests that everything matters.


For this reason, we offer home and business owners a wide range of comprehensive property cleanup and residential and commercial property installation and maintenance services. From designing new landscape displays of flowers or shrubs and ornamental grasses, to raking and weeding to laying fresh stone and mulch, our team knows how to bring your property to its full potential. And, if you so choose, we offer regular maintenance services that include watering, fertilizing, pruning and disease control for your plants and shrubs.

Below is a list of other services we're proud to offer.

Living Walls

Surprise your guests and clients with beautiful living walls, also known as green walls. One-on-one, our techs will consult with you and survey your building to find the perfect location for your green walls, which can help with air quality, noise, stress and even energy use! As a part of this interior plant service, we’ll also maintain your wall to keep it fresh year round.

Blooming Plant Program

Keep your storefront, hospital, hotel or company stocked in color and thriving with live plants with our Blooming Plant Program. Like our interior and exterior plantscaping for businesses, we consult with you to learn about your vision before creating a layout you and your team will love. Throughout the seasons, we’ll rotate your plants, as well as care for them with routine watering, cleaning and general maintenance.

Exterior Landscape Maintenance

Give your exterior the seasonal care it requires to shine with our commercial plant maintenance services. Our team of landscapers will weed, water, fertilize and mulch your property, as well as remove any old mulch, rocks, pathways or walls that you’d like taken away.

Holiday Decor

Embrace that special time of year with our holiday interior and exterior plantscaping for businesses. Whether you’re searching for a way to highlight Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo or another holiday, we can help you create the perfect interior and exterior with garlands, holiday lighting, wreaths, outdoor scenes and more. We can also help you celebrate company birthdays, retirements or whatever it is that you’re celebrating! With our helpful plant techs, you’re free from setting up or removing decorations. Focus on your enjoying your holidays and events while we do all the hard work for you!

Moss Walls and Panels 

Add a touch of modern class to your home or office with a preserved reindeer moss wall. While moss walls in Colorado don't 'live', (it is possible to have one live - but a challenge) they are still a beautiful accompaniment to your space. Moss walls require little maintenance and only seasonal touch ups making them a great, piece without the added burden of ongoing care. 

Plant and Living Wall Rentals

Add a touch of Colorado to your events, from conferences to conventions, with native plants that capture your color preferences and event theme. When your get-together arrives, our plant techs will too. They’ll set up your interior and exterior plants, and then return to remove them after the event is finished.


To view our portfolio of past projects:

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