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Top Annuals for a Fragrant Yard

Maintaining a garden in your yard is a very personal experience. For some, it’s about the process of tending and caring for another living thing. For others, it’s about the vibrance and beauty that flowers bring. But, for others, it’s all about the smells they get to enjoy!

Flowers are fragrant, and they often carry very unique smells based on the species. This has led to most of us associating flowers with a rich and aromatic sensory experience. But, not all flowers smell the same--some most certainly smell better than others! So, which should you plant to perfume your garden this season?

  • Petunias .

Petunias are an old-fashioned choice for many looking to grow a beautiful and fragrant flower. While petunias are technically ‘tender perennials’, they do not take well to frost and as such are mostly grown as annuals. Their spicy scent that is reminiscent of clove will surely bring a bit of aromatic joy to your garden!

  • Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana alata/Nicotiana sylvestris).

Flowering tobacco breeds are lovely annuals to plant for anyone looking for a more hearty annual that can often play as a short-lived perennial. These beautiful flowers can be used to line flower beds, garden borders, and containers. Their soft scent is most prevalent in later afternoon/evening.

  • Heliotrope.

Heliotrope is an amazing addition to any garden this spring season. While they can be grown as perennials in zones 10 and 11, they are mostly considered annuals everywhere else. Heliotrope is a bright and elegant purple flower that carries a sweet vanilla scent with hints of cherry undertones. They are often referred to as cherry pie!

  • Stock/Evening Stock.

Stock is a popular annual for fragrance due to it’s beautiful coloration options and powerful spicy clove aroma. They can grow in purple/lavender as well as red/pink. They typically produce most of their aroma in the evening, and make the perfect garden addition for those who host summer barbecues. They are also very popular in bouquets!

  • Sweet pea (Lathyrus Odoratus).

Sweet pea is a charming little flower that comes with a very short flowering period, but the beauty and aroma is worth it. With a sweet yet spicy fragrance, these are popular for those who love just a bit of aromatic atmosphere in their garden. Sweet pea is also a climbing flower, so it is perfect for patios and gazebos to add some color and fragrance.

  • Final Thoughts.

Choosing the right flower for your garden to bring a pleasing aroma to the space is often a tricky task. You have to balance aesthetics, local climate, growth habits, etc,. It can take quite a bit of trial and error. But, once you find an annual that you love, you can look forward to caring for them and smelling them all season long. Contact us today for a free site survey and have us plant all the fragrant flowers in your garden!

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