Residential Plant Services

When it comes to residential plantscaping, Colorado citizens can count on our award-winning team of plant technicians to deliver outstanding service, layouts, installations and, if applicable, ongoing plant maintenance. To help enhance the natural beauty of both your interior and exterior spaces, our residential plantscaping services come in a wide array of plant, floral, seasonal, holiday and event-centered solutions.

Residential Services We Offer

Remember that plantscaping — the creative use of plants’ shapes, colors and textures to accentuate architectural elements — is an unparalleled way to highlight your home’s most beautiful features. That’s why it can be a brilliant way to make your home even more pleasant and appealing. Some of our residential plantscaping services include:

  • Outdoor Landscaping: Our outdoor landscaping services begin with a consultation that consists of a site survey and questions about your color preferences, as well as an overall assessment of your goals and needs. After supplying you with a detailed quote, we lay out, arrange and install your plants to meet your specifications. And, if you so choose, we return at regular intervals to conduct ongoing plant maintenance that includes watering, fertilizing and cleaning, as well as insect and disease control plus replacement of any failing plants.
  • Real Estate Preparation: To assist you in the timely and profitable sale of your residential property, we offer real estate preparation services that include expert plantscaping and plant maintenance. Many real estate agents and professional home stagers appreciate the architectural elements that add to the curb appeal of your home. But only by working with one of our experienced plant technicians to use the appropriate plants to help stage your house can you be sure to spotlight those elements you want potential buyers to see immediately.
  • Holiday Décor: Whether you want your home to look tastefully festive for a family holiday gathering or a larger event, you can trust us to get your holiday décor just right. We offer all types of holiday decorating services, including live plant arrangements, Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and even holiday lighting for both indoor and outdoor uses. Once the holidays are over, we return to remove all arrangements, decorations and displays carefully, so you don’t have to worry about a thing — except enjoying the season!
  • Plant Installations and Plant Rentals for Events: Temporary plant rentals for events like bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, BBQs, parties, weddings and more can make your property extra appealing for your guests. And with expert advice from a member of our team, our plant installations can accomplish everything from creating natural yet intimate settings and focal points in otherwise large spaces to providing shade, color and noise control.
  • Living Walls/Green Walls: For one of the most unique plant features in any space, a living wall — or vertical garden — can be just the accent you’re looking for. With its natural ability to increase air quality by absorbing airborne toxins and VOCs, as well as its tendency to bring relaxation to those viewing it, an expertly installed green wall is an excellent feature for any home. If you’re interested in keeping it in prime condition, we offer ongoing maintenance for all living walls we install.
  • Residential Property Cleanups: Whether it’s raking, removing old mulch or picking up old stones and broken bricks from worn walkways, our full range of cleanup services allow your residential property to return to its full potential and become a well-kept site you’ll be proud to show off.
  • Raised Garden Installation: The opportunity to grow your own vegetables and herbs is an exciting one. To help you achieve the right sun, soil and drainage conditions, our raised garden installation services are a must. After assessing your site and listening to your goals, we install and create a garden for you. Then you and your family can share in the enjoyment of planting, maintaining and harvesting it for years to come.




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        Residential Property Cleanups


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