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Best Perennials in Colorado for Springtime Blooms

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh cleansing from the harshness of winter. It’s a time for life to return to normal, and new colors and vibrance to return to the world. That's why so many gardeners love to have their gardens ready to bloom as soon as spring rolls around.

If you are new to gardening, you likely want to know how to have your garden area ready to bloom as soon as the springtime rolls in. Well, for that, you need some early spring blooming perennials. Which ones should you choose? Let’s find out!

  • ‘Spring Fever Mix’ Poppy.

The ‘Spring Fever Mix’ Poppys are perhaps the perfect addition to any garden in order to prepare it for a springtime bloom each year. These early-spring blooming perennials love 5+ hours of sunlight, and produce a vibrant orange/red/yellow/white bloom that will dazzle and impress all spring long.

  • Viola ‘Corsican Violet’.

This gorgeous wild violet is one of the more drought resistant types of viola available. With gorgeous hues of purple color this perennial is always ready to bloom in springtime. It is sturdy, easy to keep alive, and stands about 6-8 inches tall for decent visibility and versatility for the garden. They are a must have for any Colorado garden this spring!

  • Colorado Blue Columbine.

No list of Colorado perennials would be complete without the official state flower of Colorado itself--the Blue Columbine. These gorgeous little perennials are a favorite of local gardeners and hummingbirds! Their soft blue and white coloration brings a gentle touch to any garden, and they are usually ready to bloom by mid-spring.

  • Mountain Alyssum.

Mountain Alyssum is a famous flower in the Colorado region mostly due to its stability in the exact mountainous climate that Colorado provides. These short flower bushes produce strikingly yellow flowers, and are ready to bloom each spring. These short bushes are perfect for lining walkways, or accenting the lower sections of your garden.

  • Pansy.

The pansy flower is one that cannot be missed if you are planting a springtime blooming garden. These short-lived perennials may not be as sturdy as others on this list, but they make up for that in brilliance. Their multi-toned pedals provide gorgeous blends of yellows, purples, and browns. They add a beautiful touch to any perennial garden.

  • Final Thoughts.

Planting a perennial garden in Colorado can be tricky. The mountainous climate can reach extreme lows and highs in temperature each year. You need a garden filled with hardy species that will always be ready to show their faces each time the frost rolls away and springtime blooms arrive.

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