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Benefits of Designers Incorporating Plants into Their Projects

When creating the perfectly designed space, Denver designers know how important it is to make the area feel alive and inspiring to those who will use it every day. However, sometimes no matter how much effort you put into decorating a room, you might feel like it’s missing a key element to create the right atmosphere. An easy way to bring that life into your space is to incorporate plants into your design process. There are so many easy ways to use plants to benefit your client’s space and wellbeing.

Improved Air Quality

Plants help purify the air we breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing it back into the environment as oxygen. Specific plants can even take unhealthy toxins out of the air.

Some easy, low maintenance plants that would be ideal to add to a bedroom or workout room would include the Snake Plant (sansevieria) or Aloe Vera because they are proven to purify the air. For the bathroom, adding calming plants like eucalyptus or a ZZ not only looks beautiful but can help decrease anxiety or stress.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Plants are an easy and beautiful way to add to the décor of any space. Plants are welcoming, cozy, and add peace to the room. You can choose from such a wide variety of plants to add, whether you want to add a big statement with a big leafy tree such as a ficus lyrata or keep it small with a commercial office plant such as a neanthe bella palm or succulent.

For example, you can add personality to office space by adding a medium to large-sized tree - such as a popular ficus alii or ficus benjamina. You could transform a lonely living room corner by adding a hanging plant (pothos or philodendron cordatum) or indoor garden to add personality to any space. If you have an empty wall, you could even consider creating a moss wall to make a bold statement.

Contributes to A Clean Space

Green is a color that is typically associated with freshness. It’s inviting, clean, and welcomes guests into any space. Incorporating a plant into your area will help add healthy, calming, and stress-free energy to the room. It can even quiet down a room by absorbing echoes and other sounds. When space planning your plants, think about the places where relaxation or calming energy is much needed, like an office, nursery, or bedroom - while considering the traffic for that area. To many people brushing against large-leaf plants will damage them.

Stimulates Emotions

Using plants can help evoke certain emotions in the surrounding space. For example, using specific plants in your bathroom space such as Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, or Eucalyptus, will enhance the aroma, reduce stress and create a relaxing environment. While adding small plants into an office space can help invoke positive, calming energy, which is much-needed when things get tough.

Plants Are Your Missing Design Element

If you feel like something is missing from your design, plants are your answer. From decorating an empty tabletop to adding personality to a dull space, plants should be used on your next interior architecture design project. If you’re ready to step up your next design project, consider working with Plant Escape, Colorado’s leading interior landscaping provider.

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