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Holiday décor in the Denver Tech Center (DTC)

When the holidays arrive in Colorado, one of the most impactful things you can do is bring your commercial space to life with brilliant decorations. However, this can take its holiday toll, and putting them up can be a drag. At Plant Escape, we are cheerful when providing you with Holiday décor in DTC.

We are about creating a unique and breathtaking festive environment across hotels, corporations, retail, and many businesses that can benefit from our professional decorative services with Holiday décor in DTC. Contact Plant Escape to discuss your specific needs today; we are highly flexible and creative!

Commercial holiday decorating in the Denver Tech Center (DTC)

Commercial holiday decorating is much easier when you hire our design consultants to rock around the Christmas tree and bring your space to life. Commercial holiday decorating with our professional artists is the best, and we know how to impress anyone who visits your property! You will effectively dazzle customers and increase morale in any business with refreshing, colorful designs.

We help businesses big and small in all types of industries deck their halls during the holiday season, including:

  • Hotels

  • Banks

  • Arenas

  • Casinos

  • Hospitals

  • Office lobbies

  • and many more commercial locales.

From extravagant displays for businesses with multiple locations to a simple hallway tree, our holiday décor teams do it all.

Office Holiday Decorations in the Denver Tech Center (DTC)

Gain a competitive edge with our Office Holiday Decorations in DTC as we cherish every creative moment with your business and show you our passion for decorating. We can work on indoor and outdoor locations of all sizes while giving you a wonderfully diverse and gorgeous catalog. Our Office Holiday Decorations in DTC take the stress out of Christmas with easy installation of wreaths, trees, poinsettias, and more!

Call us at 303.584.0496, or contact us online to discuss your holiday decoration needs. 

Commercial Christmas tree rentals in the Denver Tech Center (DTC)

One of our most impressive services involves Commercial Christmas Tree Rentals. Our Experts at Plant Escape will equip you with high-tech amazing holiday trees that brighten the room for all to gaze on and enjoy for hours. We make it so you can save time and personal resources with splendid illumination of any sized space! There are even specially designed tree-shaped platforms to consider with creativity for your superb Commercial Christmas Tree Rental.

Why your business should rent your Christmas tree

You should consider our Commercial Christmas Tree Rentals at Plant Escape because it will save you a ton of work. That way, you can enjoy the tree without thinking about the labor of setting up or taking it down. Something beautiful like a Christmas tree shouldn't stress you out, and we are here to alleviate holiday anxiety with Commercial Christmas Tree Rental services!

Plant Escape offers Christmas tree rentals to take the hassle out of the holidays. Renting a Christmas tree ensures the following:

  • Full tree installation and decoration by trained professionals

  • No maintenance decorations 

  • Safe storage of trees to avoid deterioration during non-holiday months

  • Scheduled tree removal at end of the holiday season

  • Christmas tree designs

Aesthetically pleasing holiday designs are what we're all about, and we go to great lengths to provide you with only the best. Our experts will help you plan out your decorations if you're unsure. We always listen to new ideas and are enthusiastic about the theme and colors from start to finish! Our impressive trees can either tower above everyone or tie the room together with a smaller tree.

For smaller spaces, we offer trees (7.5 feet) that are wheeled into your space upon installation. For customers looking to make a grander impression, we offer commercial Christmas trees that are more than 12 feet tall.

Commercial Holiday Decoration Installation in the Denver Tech Center

Commercial Holiday Decoration Installation in the DTC is much easier when you hire Plant Escape to transform your commercial location into a winter wonderland! We ensure not to disturb the surrounding business environment and schedule the best time for your business. When we operate behind the scenes, you will remain productive with our courteous Commercial Holiday Decoration Installation in the DTC. Plant Escape installs and removes those decorations when you're spent from the holidays and need to relax.

Christmas tree storage services

Taking down all those decorations can be a significant hassle, and we know that you don't deserve that burden when the time comes. Hire us to manage the take-down process and safely store your decorations for next year with ease! We can professionally store your Commerical Holiday Display so that no damage occurs. Kiss your storage concerns goodbye, and contact us for help today!

Let us take care of your storage concerns with our commercial Christmas tree storage service.Contact Plant Escape at 303.584.0496 for a FREE quote and to discuss how we can help enhance your business during the holidays and beyond.

Poinsettias for Commercial holiday displays

Your workspace is probably dull in the normal state, but a single poinsettia can increase the beauty beyond belief. Imagine what a host of poinsettias can do with creativity and vibrant colors. You can align them evenly in the lobby or give each employee one for their desk as an added touch. These timeless Christmas flowers are classic options that work wonders for your Commerical Holiday Display!

Commercial Christmas decorations in the Denver Tech Center (DTC)

Our Commercial Christmas decorations in DTC will invigorate your environment and are guaranteed to be awe-inspiring. We exceed your expectations with a masterfully crafted holiday atmosphere that will make customers want to come back just to see it again and maybe buy more gifts. Our experts at Plant Escape handle all the details and consult with you on the light design and simplistic to advanced holiday displays

At Plant Escape we offer our business clients:

  • Stunning displays created by our talented designers

  • Hassle-free installation and removal

  • Storage and regular maintenance of your display

We know that you don't want business disrupted by our installation process, so we'll provide you with an installation at a time that’s convenient for you. We can also store your decorations once the holidays are finished and take down whatever displays we install. Our Christmas decorations rental services make it easy for you to turn your space into a holiday wonderland and then return to business as usual once the season is over.

Professional commercial Christmas decorating rental services in the Denver Tech Center (DTC), CO

Our installation process is seamless and allows for peace of mind during the entire process. We are excellent at ensuring you don't have to do any work by setting it up and taking everything down with enthusiasm and speed to get back to a regular daily work routine.

Commercial Christmas decorations in DTC are our specialty; we give you smoother transitions that don't disrupt your business. Contact us today to develop a plan and brighten your offices, retail locations, hotels, restaurants, or hospitals with gorgeous decorations!


Plant Escape holiday design services include but are not limited to:

  • Trees

  • Poinsettias

  • Interior Holiday decor

  • Wreaths, garlands, swags and floral


Call us at 303.584.0496 or complete an inquiry form to receive a FREE quote for commercial holiday & Christmas decoration rental services. 

Decor for Each Season without the Effort

Let the team at Plant Escape take care of decorating your home or office for the holiday season. Along with exterior holiday lighting services, we can provide interior holiday décor. Whether you'd like to have a Christmas tree set up and decorated or a festive wreath hung over the fireplace, we can take care all your decor needs to have your property looking festive. With today’s busy schedules, it's hard to find the time to install decor and even harder to find the motivation to take it down. Let us take care of both, so you can focus on the family and friends that really matter.  

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“Mae does a great job at Liberty Media on our 2 live plant walls and our decorative plants in the building. She is a breath of fresh air with her bubbly yet professional manner.”


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