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Holiday décor in Aurora, CO

We are headed to another holiday season with festivities and decorations. For companies' commercial holiday decorating created by Plant Escape makes a picture-perfect scene with holiday décor in Aurora. Employees, customers, visitors, and guests are impressed, but the decorating tasks are time-consuming and requires more effort than you can afford.

For decades we have drawn customers to entertainment venues, restaurants and hotels. Offices and banks are brightened, healthcare facilities become less stressful, and moods are boosted at retail stores with a decorated tree. Commercial holiday decoration installation in Aurora is a phone call away.

Commercial holiday decorating in Aurora, CO

Plant Escape's design consultants look forward to the holidays to apply the skills they use all year round. A commercial holiday display produced by a gifted artist adds an edge everyone sees. Office holiday decorations in Aurora, or retail spaces, medical centers, and leisure businesses, are just the short list; all commercial spaces can benefit.

We help businesses big and small in all types of industries deck their halls during the holiday season, including:

  • Hotels

  • Banks

  • Arenas

  • Casinos

  • Hospitals

  • Office lobbies

  • and many more commercial locales.

From extravagant displays for businesses with multiple locations to a simple hallway tree, our holiday décor teams do it all.

Office Holiday Decorations in Aurora, CO

Commercial Christmas decorations in Aurora include wreaths, garlands, poinsettias, Christmas trees, and more. Our experienced expert design consultants create with you the decorative space you want. We have decorations for both exteriors and interiors of buildings.

Take the stress out of commercial holiday display creation with us. Feel free to contact Plant Escape online or call us at 
303.584.0496 anytime. We are happy to help with questions, and we have the answers.

Commercial Christmas tree rentals in Aurora, CO

For more than 20 years, businesspeople have been turning to Plant Escape for Christmas trees and holiday decorations. Commercial Christmas tree rentals are innovative and practical. Putting up holiday trees and decorations is more trouble than it's worth, and it's an unnecessary distraction from business as usual. This year, save resources and time and rely on Plant Escape for your holiday decor in Aurora.

The addition of a splendidly decorated holiday tree to your space will delight customers and colleagues alike.Whether you just have room for one or your space requires a number of immaculately manicured and decorated trees, we’ve got you covered. We even create tree-shaped platforms that display various Christmas-themed flowers such as poinsettias and other popular holiday flowers. Our Plant Escape teams take pride in our holiday design excellence and spread the spirit of the holidays with every installation.

Why your business should rent your Christmas tree

Commercial Christmas tree rental is a practical option. Buying a Christmas tree and using it for many seasons is a poor option. Most damage to these trees is due to where and how it was stored. You will need to wrap and put trees into the original packaging. Commercial Christmas Tree rental puts Plant Escape's designers in charge from beginning to end.

Plant Escape offers Christmas tree rentals to take the hassle out of the holidays. Renting a Christmas tree ensures the following:

  • Full tree installation and decoration by trained professionals

  • No maintenance decorations 

  • Safe storage of trees to avoid deterioration during non-holiday months

  • Scheduled tree removal at end of the holiday season

  • Christmas tree designs

Our expert commercial Christmas tree designers will provide you with the very best holiday designs. Our design consultants will listen attentively to your ideas and help you plan the color scheme and theme of your display.
Our Commercial Christmas tree rentals range from 7.5 feet to over 12 feet. The small ones are for less roomy areas, but to make a great impression, the 12-foot trees do it.

Commercial Holiday Decoration Installation in Aurora, CO

As with the trees, holiday decorations are placed and removed as scheduled. Our designers place decorations without disrupting your workflow; we make all efforts to create a hassle-free experience. As much as we enjoy it, the season stresses your regular day-to-day routine. Our job is to create a holiday experience without interference.

Christmas tree storage services

While Plant Escape will install, decorate, and remove your trees and displays at the end of the holidays, you want to be sure that your trees will be stored properly and won't get ruined before the next season. You also don't want to take up space in your business storing your tree and decorations. That's where Plant  can help.


Let us take care of your storage concerns with our commercial Christmas tree storage service.Contact Plant Escape at 303.584.0496 for a FREE quote and to discuss how we can help enhance your business during the holidays and beyond.

Poinsettias for Commercial holiday displays

There is no substitute for live Poinsettias during the holiday season. With the several sizes of poinsettias and other holiday plants, you can have us put the holiday spirit into many areas. Common places for holiday plants include lobbies, reception areas, desks or any area. Talk with our designers and learn things you may not have thought of.

Commercial Christmas decorations in Aurora, CO

Plant Escape has been helping businesspeople create stunning decorations and displays for decades. We work with our clients to develop decoration displays that suit the office and workspaces. Your ideas are important to us, and we will ask for your thoughts. From sublime to elaborate, the Christmas tree and decorations will complement the building and make the holidays come to life

At Plant Escape we offer our business clients:

  • Stunning displays created by our talented designers

  • Hassle-free installation and removal

  • Storage and regular maintenance of your display

We know that you don't want business disrupted by our installation process, so we'll provide you with an installation at a time that’s convenient for you. We can also store your decorations once the holidays are finished and take down whatever displays we install. Our Christmas decorations rental services make it easy for you to turn your space into a holiday wonderland and then return to business as usual once the season is over.

Professional commercial Christmas decorating rental services in Aurora

Plant Escape turns your workplace into a festival of colors and Christmas traditions. Greet your staff, guests, and customers with beautiful Christmas trees and holiday decorations. While having your team enjoy holiday decorating seems appropriate, we produce a display with a professional yet warm Christmas look. The holiday season is essential to most people; bringing the holidays to your workplace builds good morale. When you have many tasks to do, let the pro designers take on the task


Call us at 303.584.0496 or complete an inquiry form to receive a FREE quote for commercial holiday & Christmas decoration rental services. 

Decor for Each Season without the Effort

Let the team at Plant Escape take care of decorating your home or office for the holiday season. Along with exterior holiday lighting services, we can provide interior holiday décor. Whether you'd like to have a Christmas tree set up and decorated or a festive wreath hung over the fireplace, we can take care all your decor needs to have your property looking festive. With today’s busy schedules, it's hard to find the time to install decor and even harder to find the motivation to take it down. Let us take care of both, so you can focus on the family and friends that really matter.  

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“Mae does a great job at Liberty Media on our 2 live plant walls and our decorative plants in the building. She is a breath of fresh air with her bubbly yet professional manner.”


We're blessed to have a 4.9 star rating on Google with more reviews than any of our competitors.

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