Technology Companies

Even in the age of computers, we still need to get in touch with nature. A little green can go a long way in an indoor working space. Plants and living walls for tech companies beautify your workspace, make your team happier and more productive and help you achieve the company culture you’re looking for.

Interior and Exterior Services

Inside or outside, we can deliver and install living plants to match your area’s mood. Our indoor plants can purify the air or add privacy to an open office layout. If you want to embrace your inner Google, we can help you create a vibrant outdoor area where your team can brainstorm or relax. The right plants can do so much more than you think.


Blooming Plant Program

Companies who sign up for our Blooming Plant Program get a rotation of fresh seasonal plants every six to twelve weeks. We can follow a specific color scheme, plant species or seasonal pattern — it’s up to you. After we deliver your plants, we can give them regular care as part of our ongoing maintenance services.

Living Walls

Living walls — also known as green walls or vertical gardens — are vertical green spaces that work as a wall or divider. Place one in your waiting area to wow your clients or add one to your employee lounge.

Green Roof Gardens

Do you have a lack of outdoor space? If you have a rooftop area, we can enhance it for you. Green roof gardensinclude a growing medium you spread on top of a flat building roof. They let you grow grass and other plants just like you would on soil. We can create a relaxing, eco-friendly environment where you can take a break or find inspiration.

The Plant Escape Process

We want you to be entirely satisfied once we wrap up your project. That includes making sure you have a say in every step. So, we carefully plan our work and run it by you before we do anything. After looking at your space and doing our research, we’ll work together on a proposal outlining the project. Once you approve the plan, we’ll deliver and install everything you ordered.

Get a Free Consultation

We have a wide range of award-winning services that can bring your tech company back to nature. Contact us online or call 303-584-0496 today for a free consultation and estimate.