Plant Escape has provided plant design services for restaurants in the Denver, CO area for decades, helping to draw in customers with beautiful interior and exterior plant designs. Whether you want to draw more people in with landscape additions or encourage them to stay longer with gorgeous interior plant designs, we can help you achieve your goals!

Residential Locations

Presentation is everything for restaurants. The presentation of an exterior has to entice people to come in, while the appearance of the lobby has to convince them to stay. When guests get to their table, the seating arrangement, atmosphere, food and waitstaff all have to create an atmosphere that the guests enjoy. Otherwise, they’re not likely to come back. Take everything to the next level with interior and exterior plant designs from Plant Escape.

Plants aren’t just filler for the front of your restaurant. Use them to add a natural, exotic flair to your location’s interior or to provide shade to your guests seated outdoors. Go beyond the typical shrubbery every restaurant uses around their entrance and plant colorful floral displays that entice guests with their beauty. Combined, your new plants can create a guest experience that keeps them coming back for more!

Restaurant Plant Services

Plant Escape brings natural beauty to your restaurant, no matter the situation or application. Our services include:

  • Interior design: Our plantscaping designers will work with your restaurant and its brand, developing a plan that achieves your goals while still maintaining the overall feel you want.
  • Landscape design: Our landscape design company specializes in container design services for restaurants, combining unique plants with even more interesting containers to achieve beauty all year with your restaurant’s planters.
  • Event design: Plant Escape provides several services for restaurants looking to decorate for events like holidays and parties. From trees and plants to lighting and other decorative elements, we can help you plan your next big event in style.
  • Silk design: If you are not comfortable with handling live plants in your restaurant, Plant Escape also designs silk foliage arrangements, creating a similar look without the maintenance requirements.
  • Maintenance: Once they’re designed and installed, we can handle the support of your plants so that you don’t have to. From watering and cleaning to fertilizing and pest control, our horticultural technicians will manage all your plants’ needs.
  • Flower rotation: If you prefer smaller-scale blooming arrangements, we also offer the Blooming Plant Program. This plant rotation service rotates through a series of more delicate plants, like orchids, bromeliads and mums, so you have a new plant arrive every six weeks.

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Plant Escape is a plant design company for restaurants located in Denver. Our landscape, interior and floral container designs for restaurants have earned us national and local acclaim, and we can bring you the same level of quality. Give us a call today at 303.584.0496 for a free consultation and estimate.