Plant Escape has been serving the Denver, CO area for over four decades with interior and exterior plant design, installation and maintenance services. We serve a vast range of clients, including those in commercial locations like office buildings looking to improve their sterile conditions with a natural upgrade.

Office Plant Benefits

People’s surroundings have a surprising effect on how they feel, but office building designers often overlook this fact. From color combinations to lighting, a single design choice can have a significant impact on productivity and mood in the workplace. One of the easiest ways to give offices a boost is with office plants. Office and reception planters can bring numerous benefits to the workplace, including:

  • Air quality: Adding plants to any area can significantly improve air quality, reducing CO2, dust, bacteria, toxic emissions and mold in the air. Plants also help with humidity.
  • Health: Improved air quality, in turn, contributes to the improved health of everyone in the workplace. This change effectively reduces absenteeism and increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Stress: Plants also help reduce stress in employees, improving mood issues by cleaning up the air and playing on humans’ psychological affinity for plant life.
  • Noise reduction: Another advantage of office plants is that they can reduce ambient noise. Plants absorb sound waves well, reducing distracting noises and creating barriers that make it easier for employees to work.
  • Impressions: When you add well-maintained plants to your interior design, you’re showing your employees and clients that you have an attention to detail and an appreciation for design that sets you apart from the crowd.

In total, these benefits make for a healthier, more satisfying and more productive workplace for all when you just add plants to an office workspace. You can take advantage of these benefits even further with professional office plant design and maintenance services from Plant Escape.

Office Plant Services

Plant Escape is an office and reception planter in Denver, CO, offering office plant services to businesses around the area. Our office and reception planters are well-designed compositions, bringing all the benefits of office plants and more. Our office plant services include:

  • Interior design: Our plantscaping designers will work with your business, developing a plan that achieves your goals for the company on an aesthetic and functional level.
  • Landscape design: Our landscape design company in Denver specializes in the creative use of color, developing office planters for your reception area that provide unique, year-round beauty.
  • Event design: Plant Escape also provides several event-related services so that you can decorate your business with plants, hardscaping decorations and even lighting for a special event or holiday.
  • Silk design: If your area can’t support live plants, keep in mind that Plant Escape also provides silk foliage designs in all sizes. This way, you can achieve the same look without the maintenance needs.
  • Rotation services: If your office uses blooming plants in your interior design, we offer office plant rotation services for Denver companies, switching out the plants every six weeks to keep them looking lively and healthy!
  • Maintenance: Once your plants are designed and installed, we can help you maintain them, keeping them looking new with the help of a trained horticultural technician. From watering and cleaning to pruning and fertilizing, we can help keep your office plants looking spectacular!

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Plant Escape is a company that offers office plant services to the Denver area, and we’ve served Colorado for over 40 years. With multiple awards in color design and a reputation for quality service, we can help your office achieve the office plant design it needs. Give us a call today at 303.584.0496 for a free consultation and estimate.