Medical Facilities and Hospitals

Hospitals need to consider the health of their patients in their interior design choices, and research is increasingly indicating that plant-based designs are healthier for patients and staff alike. Plant Escape has helped several medical facilities update their plans to include plants throughout hallways, in atriums, in clerical areas, or patient service areas for the betterment of all living and working within.

Plants for Hospitals

While many people don’t consider how plants can benefit medical facilities, foliage offers several advantages to hospitals and clinics, including:

  • Air purification: Hospitals love plants for their natural air purification capabilities. Plants can clear the air of all types of particulates, from bacteria to toxins. They also improve humidity, contributing to healthier patients and staff and mitigating issues like ‘Sick Building Syndrome,’ which is caused by indoor toxins.
  • Morale improvement: Medical facilities can be frightening places, especially for people who are there for a dangerous procedure. Even the sight of plants can help alleviate this fear by tapping into our psychological enjoyment of plants and reducing overall stress levels.
  • Noise buffering: Noise is a familiar source of stress for hospital staff and patients, but plants can act as a natural sound barrier, keeping noise levels down.

Plant Escape can help maximize these benefits by providing high-quality plant designs and maintenance services for Denver hospitals.

Hospital Plant Services

Plant Escape serves as a Denver hospital plant design company, arranging indoor atrium plants and patient rooms. Our services include:

  • Interior design: Our hospital plant design company works with your hospital, developing a plan that achieves your goals.
  • Landscape design:We specialize in the creative use of color and texture, creating year-round gardens that patients will love.
  • Event design: Plant Escape can help your hospital get ready for the holidays and other events, arranging plants and trees, lighting and other small decorations to prepare for the event.
  • Silk design: If you cannot have a live plant in an area, you’ll be happy to know that Plant Escape also provides silk foliage designs, achieving the same look without the maintenance needs.
  • Maintenance: Once designed and installed, our hospital plant maintenance services in Denver can keep them looking their best. Our technicians will water, prune, clean and fertilize your plants while also providing emergency services.
  • Flower rotation: For smaller-scale arrangements with showy blooms, we also offer the Blooming Plant Program. This hospital plant service rotates through several delicate blooming plants so that your facility can have fresh blooms every six weeks.

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Plant Escape is dedicated to providing Denver hospitals with quality plant design and maintenance services. For over 40 years, we have served the Denver area with quality designs and services, and we want to continue providing for organizations like yours. If you’re interested in hiring us for hospital or atrium plant design or maintenance, give us a call today at 303.584.0496 for a consultation and estimate, free of charge.