Interior Designers

Did you know using plants in interior design is set to be one of the most critical trends in the coming years? Because plants contribute so much to a space, this trend is likely to be one that lasts far longer than just one season. Our goal as Plant Escape is to help you as an Interior Designer stand out with options and offerings that your clients can’t find elsewhere. We will create a unique and beautiful plant installation designed to make a statement and showcase your talents.

Benefits of Plants for Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, plants offer many benefits, including that they:

  • Beautify a Space and Provide Visual Engagement: With their varying sizes, shapes, structures and colors, plants bring life into a room, atrium or other interior space. As living art, they provide focal points that draw the eye and either engage the mind or provide momentary respite.
  • Function as Architectural Elements: From dividing a large area into more intimate spaces to providing shade, plants offer a beautiful alternative to traditional architectural elements.
  • Improve Emotional Wellbeing: Plants significantly reduce stress — plus, they can enhance performance and productivity.
  • Provide Clean Air: Plants naturally remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and many other contaminants from the air, providing healthier indoor spaces.
  • Reduce Noise: Plants can form an acoustic barrier to absorb noise, which contributes to health and comfort.
  • Regulate Temperature: Especially in warm climates or busy buildings, plants can help normalize your temperature by providing shade and absorbing heat. This, in turn, helps reduce your energy bills.

Plant Services Available for Interior Designers

To leverage all of the benefits of plants for interior design, it can be helpful to work with experienced plantscapers like the team at Plant Escape. We provide a range of services well-suited to complement your work, including the following:

  • Interior Plantscaping: Interior plantscaping ensures your spaces have plants strategically placed to enhance design features, as well as improve users’ wellness and enjoyment of the area.
  • Living Walls: Living walls — also known as vertical gardens — are a truly stunning way to divide or beautify spaces while providing a restful focal point for the eye.
  • Plant Rotation: Our Blooming Plant Program provides a seasonal rotation of plants, so your spaces are always decorated with fresh, blooming plants.
  • Silk Plant Options: Silk plants are a good alternative for interiors where real plants aren’t an option — for example, in areas that cater to people with allergies or spaces that with inadequate light.

Each of these services includes a consultation and the initial layout, design, arrangement and installation. What’s more, ongoing maintenance such as watering, fertilizing, pruning, cleaning, insect and disease control — and, if necessary, replacement plants at no additional cost — are services we regularly offer.

Leverage Our Award-Winning Plant Services

Since 1975, we’ve been providing top-quality services for interior designers throughout the greater Denver area. Our award-winning team of experienced plantscapers is dedicated to helping you bring your visions for the spaces you design to life. Because we appreciate that the creative process can produce unique results, we provide customized solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs.

Find out for yourself how our plant services can complement your work and make your spaces genuinely stunning — contact us today by filling out our online form or calling 303.584.0496.