Plant Escape has been helping homeowners use plants in their interior and exterior decorating for over four decades. Across the Denver, CO area, we help people design, install and maintain their home landscapes, beautifying their locations from the inside out.

Plants for Homeowners

Many of our clients are homeowners who approached us for home renovations and redesigns. Many of these individuals needed help improving the atmosphere of their home, decorating to help improve curb appeal. We achieved all their goals with a few well-placed plant installations. To date, we’ve provided hundreds of homes with new interior and exterior plant designs, including beautiful new plants and containers using unique color and texture combinations.

The benefits of these plants aren’t just aesthetic, however. Plants in the home can help remove toxins and pathogens from the air, improving air quality and minimizing odors. They also promote a sense of calm, enhancing the mood and stress levels of people living in the property. Finally, the presence of plants in and around a home can improve curb appeal, making the location more welcoming for visitors and potential buyers and renters.

Homeowner Plant Services

Plant Escape delivers residential landscape design to the Denver area, with services including:

  • Interior design: Our designers will work with you and your unique perspective, learning your tastes and preferences to develop a plan that works for your aesthetic while also elevating the design of the entire space.
  • Landscape design: Our Denver home landscape design services focus on the creative use of color and texture, combining plants with hardscaping elements to achieve a unique beauty that you can enjoy all year long.
  • Silk design: If you are not comfortable with caring for live plants in your home, or you live somewhere that just doesn’t have enough light, we can still work with you! Plant Escape provides silk foliage arrangements so that you can achieve the same natural look without the light or maintenance needs.
  • Maintenance: Once everything is installed, we can also take care of your plant maintenance. This weekly service includes watering, pruning, trimming, cleaning, fertilizing, pest control and emergency services, all carried out by a trained horticultural technician whose entire job is to keep your plants healthy.

Why Choose Plant Escape?

No matter your location and tastes, Plant Escape has solutions for you. Our landscape design company has created, installed and maintained thousands of beautiful interior and exterior plant arrangements, earning us over 25 years of awards on a local and national level for color design, landscaping and customer service. If you’re interested in hiring our Denver landscape designers for a residential project, give us a call today at 303.584.0496 for a free consultation and estimate.