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Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Denver’s conference and convention centers. For every organizer of a conference or convention, it’s critical that the venue is safe, well laid-out and welcoming.

The Value of Plantscaping for Convention Centers and Conference Centers

When event organizers choose their venues, a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere is typically high on their list of must-haves. After all, they want to make sure their visitors have the best possible experience so any sponsors can be more than satisfied with the results. This is where the power of plants and landscaping shouldn’t be undervalued.

Plants make people feel less stressed and more relaxed. In addition, they provide fresh air, reduce noise and help regulate temperature. All these qualities are crucial to the success of crowded events, where people can quickly become overwhelmed and tired.

Plantscaping — the strategic placing of plants in and around a venue, much like portable architectural features — can enhance the power of plants even further by creating visual focal points that both engage and relax the mind. At the same time, from a functional perspective, using a plant feature such as a living wall can break up an area while simultaneously introducing fresh air into a space. And for outdoor events, plants can even be used to create shade.

All things considered, plantscaping can make for more attractive — and therefore more desirable — venues.

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Our Plantscaping Services for Conference and Convention Centers

Our plantscaping services can help you keep your conference or convention center as desirable as possible for event organizers. They include:

  • Indoor Plantscaping: After an initial consultation with you, our expert plant technicians draw up a layout that’s specifically designed to meet your objectives while still matching your space. Once you’ve approved the arrangement, we handle everything else, including installation.
  • Outdoor Plantscaping: Often, the exterior of a space can benefit from plantscaping to make it more appealing. Again, our plant technicians take care of everything according to your needs — from layout to the choice of plants to installation.
  • Living/Green Walls: Transform your space with an eye-catching living plant wall. These pieces are sure to create a memorable experience for your guests and make your conference or convention center the go-to space for hosting events!
  • Plant Rotation Service: It’s critical for conference and convention centers to have a fresh look. That’s why we provide plant rotation services, such as our Blooming Plant Program, which ensures you always have healthy plants with bright pops of color at your venue.
  • Holiday Décor: When it’s time to celebrate any holiday — from Thanksgiving to Independence Day — you can count on us to provide you with tasteful plantscapes that match the season and make your venue festive.
  • Plant Maintenance for Conference and Convention Centers: Living plants need attentive care to flourish. That’s why we provide ongoing plant maintenance service, including watering, pruning and dusting, as well as controlling things like bugs and disease.

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