Plant Escape provides businesses with interior and exterior landscaping services, from design and installation to maintenance and more. We’ve helped thousands of locations of all types improve their looks from the inside out, and we can do the same for your business.

Plants for Businesses

Plant Escape provides commercial landscaping services for companies in and around the Denver, CO area, designing interior and exterior plant installations for companies of all industries and sizes. Whether your company is looking for a couple of desk plants for your front office or wants to install a full-scale living wall in the center of your lobby, Plant Escape can accomplish it for you.

The benefits of pursuing professional landscaping services aren’t just aesthetic — they’re functional. Businesses that install plants in and around their location have experienced several advantages, including:

  • Improved air quality: Adding plants to any area, interior or exterior, can significantly improve air quality, reducing levels of CO2, dust, bacteria and toxic emissions in the air.
  • Increased health: Improved air quality contributes to the improved health of everyone in a workplace. From customers to staff members, your people will benefit from having plants in your business, and your company’s productivity will improve too.
  • Reduced stress: Plants help lower stress levels and improve mood by cleaning the air and triggering a calming response in the human brain.
  • Enhanced customer impressions: When you add well-maintained plants to your building’s design, you leave a positive impression on customers and employees alike, making them more willing to return.


Plant Escape offers several business landscaping services to the Denver, CO area, including:

  • Interior design: Our plantscaping designers work with your business to develop a plan that aligns with your brand and goals.
  • Landscape design:Hire our landscaping company of Denver if you want creative uses of color and texture in your exterior landscaping.
  • Event design: Holidays and business events are a perfect time to hire a decorator, and Plant Escape can help you decorate with trees, plants, lighting and other decorative elements that allow you to achieve the look and mood you want for your event.
  • Silk design: If your location doesn’t have enough light, or you’re just not comfortable caring for live plants, Plant Escape also offers silk arrangements so that you can achieve the same look without the maintenance needs.
  • Maintenance: Once we’re done installing your plants, we can keep them looking as good as new with a weekly plant maintenance service. A trained horticultural technician will water, prune, trim, clean, fertilize and monitor your plants for you with this service.
  • Flower rotation: If you’d like a smaller-scale arrangement with showy blooms, we also offer the Blooming Plant Program. This plant rotation service changes your selection every six weeks, alternating between flowers like mums, orchids and bromeliads.

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Plant Escape is a landscaping company specializing in interior and exterior plant design in the Denver, CO area. We’re recognized both locally and nationally for our high-quality designs and services, and we can offer the same quality to your next project. If you want to hire commercial landscapers for businesses in Denver, give us a call today at 303.584.0496 for a free consultation and estimate.