Builders & General Contractors

Looking for a landscaping company who partners with builders and general contractors? We do landscaping and provide plants for new commercial sites as well as new residential homes. At Plant Escape, we understand building a new structure is a team effort, and we’d love to play a part in your project.

Professional Consultation

Having ingredients doesn’t make you a chef — it’s the expertise. The same goes for landscaping. Even if you’ve ordered landscaping materials, you may not have the knowledge you need to get the most out of them. To guarantee our clients have a say in their projects, we prepare a proposal before touching anything. We will only begin work when we have a plan everyone can agree on. You can explain your vision to us, and we can use our skills to make it a reality.


Property Cleanup

Whether you need to sell your building or impress your clients, attention to detail can make or break a property. If your building looks pristine, but the landscaping is a mess, you could lose a potential customer or miss out on improving a professional relationship. Our cleanup services include weeding, raking, mulching and stone removal. It’s the little things that matter, after all.


We’ll install plants wherever you need them — inside or outside. Plantscaping, or interior plant services, involves integrating plants into an indoor space. In other words, we make sure the plants fit the look of the inside of your building and enhance its atmosphere. Landscaping has the same goal, but it happens in outdoor spaces. To make all parts of the building beautiful, we can create a plantscaping or landscaping plan that gives you the results you want.



At Plant Escape, our process is the foundation of every job. Throughout every step, we want our clients to understand what’s going on, so they are satisfied with our work. To accomplish this, the first step we take is to survey your space. It gives us an idea of what we can do during the project. Then, we research and create a plan we review together with you. Once we have a plan you love, we’ll deliver and install your order. After we set everything up, we’ll make regular visits to maintain your plants.

Give Your Building a Finishing Touch

If you need to enhance your building with plantscaping and landscaping, we can give you a free consultation and estimate to help you find the right fit. Complete our online contact form or call 303.584.0496 to get started.