Plant Escape has been serving businesses in the Denver, CO area for over 40 years. Our trusted plant design and maintenance services maintain a high level of client confidentiality, making us a partner of choice for several banks and financial institutions in the Denver area.


Bank landscapes and lobbies set the tone for customer transactions and loyalty. One of the easiest ways for banks to improve their client loyalty and engagement is with interior and exterior plant landscaping.

Plants are a unique way of adding a bit of interest to a building, bringing an appealing look and welcoming feeling to the space. They’re also calming for customers to look at, easing the nerves sometimes associated with visiting a financial institution. These benefits even improve the experience for bank employees, who benefit from the improved air quality and aesthetic appeal in and around their workplace.


Plant Escape brings natural beauty to your business with well-selected plants, no matter the application. Our services include:

  • Interior design: Our plantscaping designers will work with your bank to develop a plant arrangement that works well with your branding, functional needs and aesthetic goals.
  • Landscape design: Our landscape design company specializes in the creative use of color and texture, creating year-round arrangements that draw the eye and add intrigue.
  • Event design: Plant Escape can help your bank decorate for an event or holiday, changing up your lobby appearance with plants, trees, lighting and other decorative elements.
  • Silk design: If you are not comfortable using live plants in your decorations, we can also put together silk arrangements for you. As a result, your bank can achieve the same look without the maintenance needs.
  • Maintenance: Once installed, we can help you keep your plants looking fantastic, with regular watering, pruning, cleaning, fertilizing and pest control carried out by a trained horticultural technician.
  • Plant rotation: For smaller-scale arrangements with showy blooms, we also offer the Blooming Plant Program. This plant rotation service for banks rotates through a series of more delicate plants, like orchids, mums and bromeliads, so you have fresh beauty every six weeks.

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Plant Escape is a company that specializes in commercial landscaping and flower rotation services for banks in Denver, CO and the surrounding area. With over four decades of experience and recognition on a local and national level for our quality designs and services, we know how to provide your bank with the look it needs to keep attracting business. If you’re interested in hiring us for interior or exterior plant design or maintenance, give us a call today at 303.584.0496 for a free consultation and estimate.