Real Estate Preparation

Are you a Denver real estate agent looking to help your clients sell their homes faster and for better prices? If so, you might want to consider how plantscaping — the strategic selection and placing of plants in or around a property to emphasize or complement its features — can help you prepare homes and make them more attractive.

How Plantscaping Can Help Prepare Homes for Sale

As an experienced real estate agent, you undoubtedly know more than 90 percent of staged homes sell within 11 days. You also probably know that, on average, a staged home sells for 17 percent more than a home that isn’t staged. But are you aware that for the most discerning homeowners and their agents, plantscaping is an essential part of home staging?

Of course, most home stagers do a brilliant job of making a home more attractive — but when it comes to choosing plants to highlight a home’s strong points and lessen its limitations, they don’t have the same expertise and experience professional plantscapers possess.

Talented plantscapers know how to combine the forms, colors and textures of various plants to make properties more appealing and exciting. For example, if a home has an open-plan living room with a high ceiling, a plantscaper might place a selection of tall plants or trees in the room to create focal points. Or, if a home has a large patio, groups of potted plants or hanging baskets can offer variety and provide picturesque places to relax. And, of course, placing similar plants at regular intervals in an otherwise bare space can create visual rhythm and make the room more interesting.

In addition to the visual enhancement plants offer, they make people feel good by providing clean, healthy air. They also aid in the regulation of a space’s temperature and acoustics. In short, beautifying a home with plants offers a wide range of benefits for agents who are preparing a home for sale.

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Our Denver Real Estate Preparation Services

At Plant Escape, our real estate preparation services are specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate agents in the Denver, Colorado, area. When you contact us, we’ll provide on-site consultation to assess the site and understand your objectives, after which we’ll give you a quote and a detailed proposal. We stage plants both indoors and outdoors — plus, we provide ongoing maintenance as needed, including watering, fertilizing, cleaning and insect and disease control. Our attentive care will keep your plants in good health and looking beautiful. We will install the plants of your choosing, care for them through the duration of the sales process, and remove them once the sale has been finalized. If for some reason a plant doesn’t do well, we’ll replace it at no additional cost to you.

Plant Escape: Your Partner in Real Estate Preparation

We’ve been providing Denver real estate agents and their clients with high-quality real estate preparation for more than 40 years. Our botanical expertise and creativity have won us numerous awards, including the Grand Prize for Color Design from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.

Why wait any longer? Let us help you bring out the best in your clients’ homes through superior plantscaping — contact us today by filling out our online form or calling us at 303.584.0496.