Interior Plants

Plant Escape provides a range of interior landscaping services to the Denver, CO area, focusing on delivering high-quality plants and designs in every application. By incorporating plants into the design of your building’s interior, we help you create a more beautiful environment for living and working.

Interior Plant Quality

Plant Escape delivers only the best interior plants for our business and residential clients in Denver. These plants come from nurseries we work with personally, who will make sure that your plants are acclimated to the indoors and are pest-free and healthy on installation day. Whether you want a high, medium or low light plant, a succulent or flowering variety, a desk plant or a small tree, we have something for you and your indoor application.

Interior Plant Benefits

The benefits of interior plants for businesses and homes are significant. On top of the healthy, natural look they provide to your interior design, interior landscaping also poses the following advantages:

  • Affordability: Plant-based designs are highly affordable compared to many other design methods. The result is a long-lasting beauty that all can appreciate.
  • Relaxation: Plants are very calming for all people. Studies have shown that people who have spent a significant amount of time looking at plants have reduced overall stress levels.
  • Air Quality: Plants filter the air surrounding them, removing harmful gasses and toxins for a cleaner, less damaging environment for all.
  • Productivity: Plants in any working location can be a boon to productivity, reducing stress and keeping employees healthy while also enhancing overall mood.

With professional interior landscape design and maintenance services, your Denver, CO location can boost these benefits further, keeping plants beautiful and healthy for even longer.

Interior Plant Services

Plant Escape works with your home or business to bring all the benefits of plants to your interior space with interior landscaping services based in Denver, CO. Our plant specialists will meet with you in your home or office and determine what you need out of our range of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Design: Interior landscape design focuses on the combination of architectural and interior design with organic materials, examining and predicting how certain plants and containers will work with an interior space based on the lighting, angles, colors and focal points of the installation.
  • Installation: The success of a design depends primarily on proper installation, with plants placed in appropriate containers and locations for their health and longevity while also serving the needs of the plan.
  • Plant and flower rotations: More delicate plants, like orchids, mums and bromeliads add beauty to an interior space, but they need regular replacement. Plant Escape meets this need with our Blooming Plant Program, which replaces blooming plants every six weeks for a fresh look.
  • Maintenance: Once designed and installed, your plants will be kept looking their best through our offer of indoor plant maintenance services. This weekly service — carried out by a fully trained plant technician — includes watering, pruning, cleaning, fertilizing, pest control and any other needs, including emergency services in case an unexpected situation arises.
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