Plant Rentals & Plantscaping for Residential Events

Aside from enjoying the great outdoors, there’s one thing Coloradans know how to do right — fun. From hosting a homeowners’ block party to planning an apartment community’s mixer, there are all sorts of reasons for residential events to occur.

If you’re organizing anything from a graduation party to bingo night, how do you make sure the space is attractive and welcoming for attendees? The answer is all about choosing your accents wisely — and this is where plants for events become every organizer’s best choice.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been ensuring residential events in the greater Denver, CO, area have an extra lively ambiance by supplying our expertise in plant rentals and plantscaping. By treating plants much like portable architectural features, our plant technicians can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

If you’re hosting a going away party, we can help bring a beautiful look to your home, using tropical plants to add bold bursts of color. If you’re hosting a mixer where people might be meeting for the first time, we can supply taller plants to break up the space and create semi-separate seating areas where conversations are bound to flow.

Regardless of which types of plants you choose, the impact of living plants on residential events is overwhelmingly positive. Plants are known to enhance people’s relaxation levels, improve their moods and even increase their mental clarity. In addition, plants improve the quality of air, absorb excess noise and add stimulating visual focal points to any space. Your guests will end up feeling better and less anxious — all thanks to the natural power of plants.

Rent Living Plants for a Party or Event

Our plant technicians always begin by having a conversation with you to learn what you have in mind, as well as describe how our expertise in laying out and arranging original plantscapes can help you. Some of our most popular services for parties and events include:

  • Short-Term Plant Rental for Residential Events: Avoid investing in other types of decorations that might not fit your space or that simply make it look generic. Short-term plant rental guarantees you have healthy plants to make your area look original, fresh and stunning. If your event is spread out over a number days, we will also provide plant maintenance services. That way, your plants are well-cared-for and look fresh the entire the time.

Are you ready to make your residential event fresh, lively and unforgettable for all the right reasons? Simply schedule a consultation with one of our plant technicians. Fill out our contact form or call us at 303.584.0496 today.