Our Company

Plant Escape is a Denver landscape design company, serving Colorado for over 40 years with quality interior and exterior foliage design. Our award-winning installations can be found in thousands of locations across Colorado, each reflecting our commitment to quality design.

Our History

Since 1975, Plant Escape has been serving as a Denver landscape design company, providing personalized services in residential and commercial locations. For over 40 years, we’ve maintained this tradition of excellence in design and customer service, employing professional plant technicians who uphold our standards. Our focus has been and continues to be on the creation of sustainable, beautiful installations that make the most of color and texture while keeping the customers’ vision and budget in mind.

Our Process

Our process begins with you. When you contact us, we schedule a consultation to determine your vision. We consider everything that needs to go into your project — from the plants and containers to the lighting. Once you approve our design, we take care of the installation and our plant technicians are also available to take care of your plants through our maintenance program.

Our Commitment

Plant Escape is dedicated not only to our customers but also to our environment. As a Green company, Plant Escape works to conserve existing natural landscapes, preserving local wildlife and restoring damaged areas with native and adapted foliage to promote biodiversity. We keep this in mind in our landscape design as well, using native and adapted plantlife in our exterior design services to the advantage of both our clients and our local ecosystems.

Our Quality

In our 40 years of experience — spanning thousands of flower beds and interior plantscapes — Plant Escape, Inc. has received over 25 years worth of awards. Our awards are both local and national, covering everything from flower bed color design to interior plant design and landscaping. Of our achievements, we are proud to say that we have received the coveted Grand Prize for Color Design from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado — an award sought after by the largest landscape companies in the state of Colorado — more than ten times.

Get a Free Estimate

If you’re interested in working with a company that is dedicated to you and your needs and is backed by years of experience in the field, Plant Escape is an excellent fit. Our landscape design firm in Denver maintains a reputation for quality service and design, whether you’re looking to complete a residential, commercial, interior or exterior project.

Contact Plant Escape landscape design today for a free consultation and estimate for your project! The number to call is 303.584.0496.