If there’s one thing Colorado is famous for beyond its beautiful landscapes, it’s the many cultural, sporting and entertainment venues we enjoy visiting with family and friends. Of course, what makes a museum, gallery, concert hall, auditorium, stadium or other entertainment venues so unique are their welcoming atmospheres.

Naturally, venues can only achieve a welcoming atmosphere with a careful combination of people and setting. This is where the beauty and refreshing energy plants bring to any space can play an important role — they help make a venue a popular choice that leaves a lasting impression on its visitors.

Of course, to leverage the full beautification abilities of plants, they need to be strategically placed and well maintained. That’s why, from handpicked foliage plants and colorful flower arrangements to living wall installations and water features, our plantscapers and plant technicians have the experience and creativity to bring any venue to life through interior and exterior planting, installation and maintenance services.

Consider some of the following benefits professional planting services bring to a venue, including that they:

  • Allow you to tell your story through design, colors and textures
  • Help aesthetically please visitors while helping reduce the excess noise, stress and anxiety many people are susceptible to in crowds
  • Aid in the purification of air due to their natural ability to lower levels of airborne volatile organic compounds and toxins
  • Provide visual stimulation while simultaneously providing shade in intricately lit spaces


We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. That’s why all our services are customizable and designed first and foremost to fit your needs and those of your venue. Several of our services are highly popular with entertainment venues, such as:

  • Living Wall Installation: For unparalleled beauty and visual appeal, we regularly design, install and maintain living wall installations to make public spaces simply stunning.
  • Plant Maintenance Service: As part of our ongoing services such as our Blooming Plant Program, you can always have the expert care your plants and flowers need to make your venue look fresh and inviting. From watering, pruning and trimming to insect control and even replacement services, our plant technicians know how to deliver maintenance services that show your venue is truly well-cared for.
  • Plant Rotation Service: Seasonal rotation of plants is a must for any venue to maintain its best outward appearance. Since many blooming plants tend to last for only three to four months, securing plant rotation service for your venue means you’ll always be in season!

Award-Winning Service to Beautify Public Spaces

For more than 40 years, we’ve been creating award-winning interior and exterior spaces through the use of plants. Thanks to our experience, hard work and eye for matching plants to any area, we’ve been named a Grand Award winner by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) more than 10 times!

So when you want to make your entertainment venue truly eye-catching for your visitors, let us help tell your story through the accent of plants, flowers and trees. Contact us today for a free consultation or talk directly with a Plant Escape technician by calling 303.584.0496.

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