The Plant Leasing Program

Want to add life and beauty to your office, hotel or restaurant without all the upfront expense? Plant Escape offers a Plant Leasing Program where we add as many live tropical plants to your space and then do all the upkeep on them for one low monthly charge

Save Money with Plant Rentals

Instead of paying upfront costs to purchase plants for your space, plant rentals have the added benefit of beautifying your space and saving you money! When you lease plants and pots from Plant Escape, we care for all elements of the plants and guarantee they will continue looking beautiful and meet our highest standards for quality. If something should happen to a plant, we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

Rent a Plant for Your Workspace

We’re no scientists, but we do know adding plants to your office makes your employees happier and more productive. Plus, they do multiple jobs for you — they can divide paths and spaces, make the air cleaner and impress visitors. Plus, you don’t even have to put them on the payroll — and they never call in sick! When you rent office plants from us, we can help you create the lively workspace you’ve always wanted.


Add a Finishing Touch to Your Event Decor

Live plants turn an event into an experience. Conferences, office parties and home celebrations all benefit from some extra green, and your guests will, too. We’ll plan your decorations with you, set them up on the big day and remove them when the event finishes. Our plant techs cover the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture.

Set a Seasonal Mood

Seasonal and holiday aesthetics wouldn’t exist without plants. If you feel like your seasonal decor is missing something, maybe you need the original inspiration. We have themed decorations for every special day of the year, so don’t limit your imagination to December holidays. If you want your space to match the current season, we got you covered for all four of them.


The Blooming Plant Program

A rotating supply of fresh flowers you don’t have to worry about. When you sign up for our Blooming Plant Program, we’ll switch out live plants every six to twelve weeks to keep your space feeling fresh and new all the time. We’ll agree on a theme with you and handle the rest from there, including maintenance and care.

Let Us Handle the Fuss

Don’t have a green thumb or the time to take care of your rented plant? No worries. Request ongoing maintenance from us, and we’ll give it the attention it needs to stay vibrant.

Our Process

As the first step in every project, we schedule a consultation where we talk about your goals. Then, we’ll look at your site and do the research we need to create a proposal that fits your vision. Once you approve our plan, we’ll install everything on an agreed-upon date and maintain your rented plant for as long as you lease it.

Real Moss Rock
Rental Burlap
Rental Chess
Rental Aspen
Wood Slice
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Why Plant Escape?

Out of the 40 years we’ve served the Denver community, we’ve earned awards for 25 of them. Our top achievement is receiving the Grand Prize for Color Design from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado more than 10 times. If you want a free consultation from one of the best in the business, contact us or call 303.584.0496.