Holiday Decor for Your Business Celebrations

As the holidays draw near, from the Fourth of July to Cinco de Mayo to Christmas, your clients feel the pull of the season and look for it everywhere they go, whether it’s their favorite restaurant, resort or concert hall. And your staff does the same as they hustle to meet quarterly deadlines. With holiday decor for your business, you’re not only brightening seasonal celebrations for your clients but also your team members, which can lead to a level of cheer that comes only once a year.

Holiday Decorating Services Tailored to Your Expectations

For more than 40 years, we’ve applied our passion for plants to brightening and lightening up the interior and exterior of companies throughout our home of Denver, CO. As a part of our holiday decorating services, we cover a menagerie of holidays, from Valentine’s Day to the Fourth of July, and deliver creative and personalized arrangements that leave your team and clients thrilled with the results.

Features of our commercial holiday decoration services include:

  • Wreaths
  • Live plants (Poinsettias, etc.)
  • Pre-lit trees with decorations and faux-presents
  • Tablescapes
  • Christmas and Holiday Lights
  • Garlands
  • And more!

Our plant techs handle everything after our consultations with you — including installation and removal.

Personalized Commercial Holiday Decorations for Every Property

With our talented team of plant techs, we’ll create a beautiful layout and arrangement for your commercial holiday decorations, such as for the following locations:

  • Apartment communities: Bring your tenants together with a holiday celebration, like a backyard barbeque, and tie it together with a beautiful setup from our team.
  • Banks: Add some holiday cheer to your exterior and interior with our holiday decorating services, which could include a series of pre-lit holiday trees and poinsettias.
  • Businesses: Give a nod to the various holidays and seasons with a series of commercial holiday decorations, such as spooky lighting arrangements for Halloween.
  • Medical facilities: Make patients away from home feel welcomed and relaxed with cheerful decorations, like bright trees, fresh garland and live plants.
      • Offices: Ring in every holiday with outdoor and indoor holiday decorations for your business and its office parties, such as for Cinco de Mayo or Halloween.
      • Restaurants: Celebrate the holidays with your clients — or complement your seasonal menus — with the assistance of our plant techs and holiday decorating services.
      • Resorts, hotels and casinos: Set the tone for your vacationing guests with indoor and outdoor holiday decorations for your business, like live plants in your lobbies.
      • Entertainment venues: Support your seasonal performers and guests, exhibits and more with the addition of holiday decorations at your museum, concert hall or stadium.
      • Convention and conference centers: Host a variety of holiday gatherings or conferences with our holiday decorating services.

      At Plant Escape, we also work one-on-one with real estate agents, interior decorators and property managers. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your open house, deliver a seasonal arrangement that “wows” your client or provide your clientele another reason to choose you, our plant techs can help you knock their expectations out of the ballpark with stunning indoor and outdoor holiday decorations for your business.

      Celebrate the Seasons With Holiday Decorating Services

      With more than four decades of experience — and a glowing reputation in the Denver, CO community — Plant Escape has blossomed into a trusted and award-winning partner for an array of companies, from flourishing restaurants to bustling shops to thriving casinos. When you’re with our team of plant techs, you know you’re in good hands for all your landscaping needs, from holiday decorations to everyday plant arrangements via our Blooming Plant Program.

      Get ready for your next celebration by contacting us today at 303.584.0496 to receive a free consult for our holiday decorating services!