Do you want to attract more clients to your business? Or perhaps you’re looking to sell commercial property. In either case, the role curb appeal plays in creating intrigue for commercial properties couldn’t be more crucial.

Commercial Property Cleanups

Do you want to attract more clients to your business? Or perhaps you’re looking to sell commercial property. In either case, the role curb appeal plays in creating intrigue for commercial properties couldn’t be more crucial.

While residential realtors know the importance of curb appeal when attracting homebuyers, commercial property owners and property managers need to keep in mind that potential clients are also making judgment calls based upon the general condition of the land, plants and walkways surrounding their property, too.

A well-maintained commercial property with walkways that are in good shape and recently landscaped grounds is inviting to all interested parties. Of course, a property without new landscaping that has overgrown plants, debris, clutter and broken stones on pedestrian paths is uninviting. In fact, it can even pose a health and safety risk that no smart business owner wants to assume.

For this reason, we offer business owners a wide range of comprehensive property cleanup and commercial property maintenance services. From raking and weeding to putting down fresh stones and mulch, our team knows how to return your property to its full potential. And, if you so choose, we offer regular maintenance services that include watering, fertilizing, pruning and disease control for your plants and shrubs.

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Property Cleanup Services for Businesses

After more than 40 years serving the commercial property cleanup needs of the greater Denver, CO, area, we derive a great deal of pride from helping all types of commercial enterprises stay current and competitive by having healthy, attractive grounds around their properties.

What follows is a partial list of the types of commercial properties we regularly supply with cleanup and maintenance services:

  • Apartment Communities: Increase your tenants’ quality of life while attracting new renters by having us clean up and maintain your property’s grounds.
  • Banks: Enhance the financial trust you earn from your banking clients by putting forward an image of a clean, tidy property that’s safe and professionally maintained.
  • Businesses: Stay current and inviting to all potential business opportunities when you keep up with the cleaning and landscaping of your company’s office property.
  • Conference and Convention Centers: Attract a steady stream of the best events and attendees by letting the care and condition of your facility speak for itself.
  • Entertainment Venues: Concert halls, sports complexes, museums, galleries and other popular entertainment venues should be attractive. Besides the event or objects people come to see, it’s often the condition of the grounds that helps create the inviting atmosphere people associate with the venue long after they leave.
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities: For organizations in the medical field, healthy plants and fresh landscaping is an absolute must when establishing the right relationship with your patients.
  • Hotels, Resorts and Casinos: No one wants to stay in a hotel that has overgrown plants and an unkempt garden. Make your hospitality property a dream destination with our cleanup and maintenance services.
  • Offices: Support your office’s productivity by showing your employees you care about the condition of the office — by having plant life that’s cared for and well-maintained.
  • Restaurants: For anyone in food services, creating an appealing atmosphere is tantamount to excellent service and a full menu. Make sure your property is as attractive as your dinner specials!

Beautify You Business With Exterior Plantscaping Services

After more than four decades of working within the gardens of companies throughout Denver, CO, our passion for plants hasn’t wavered. We love what we do, and it shows in our clients’ landscapes — which has led to our team winning more than 15 awards for landscape design, including the Grand Price for Color Design from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC). With Plant Escape, you can always expect friendly service, complemented by original arrangements.

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