Commercial Plant Services to Beautify Your Business

With their stunning colors and beautiful blossoms, it’s undeniable that plants introduce a new atmosphere to your storefront, hospital, hotel or business that your staff and visitors will notice! Give your nurses and doctors a rooftop retreat during their breaks, provide your guests with a welcoming lobby or create a comfortable environment for new clients with our commercial plant services.

Award-Winning Plantscaping Services

For more than 40 years, we’ve practiced and applied our green thumb within the Denver, CO community, delivering the following services with a homegrown passion for plants:

  • Interior Plantscaping: Brighten your entryways, waiting rooms, meeting spaces and more with the lively colors of blooming flowers and tropical foliage plants. Accent your arrangements with decorative rocks, as well as Spanish moss. You’ll share what you’re looking for and discover how our team is able to transform your interior space. As a part of our indoor plant service, we’ll also care for your arrangements by watering, fertilizing, trimming and replacing plants as they grow.
  • Exterior Plantscaping: Restore your exterior with the natural beauty of plants native to the Denver, CO area. Collaborate with our plant techs, and tell us what you’re envisioning for your property — from colorful hanging baskets overlooking manicured pathways to shady trees beside picturesque flower beds, we can deliver an arrangement that makes you and your visitors smile. As with our care for interior plants, our exterior plantscaping services include routine nurturing.
  • Green Roof Gardens: Transform your rooftops into a retreat for staff, guests and visitors. Let our plant techs dive into creating an arrangement that captures your brand and desires. As always, we ensure all our green roof container gardens comply with the Denver Green Roof Initiative 300, but without all the additional cost for heavy construction. We are also able to provide ongoing care and maintenance for your green roof garden to always keep it healthy and fresh.
  • Holiday Decor: Embrace that special time of year with our holiday interior and exterior plantscaping for businesses. Whether you’re searching for a way to highlight Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo or another holiday, we can help you create the perfect interior and exterior with garlands, holiday lighting, wreaths, outdoor scenes and more. We can also help you celebrate company birthdays, retirements and more! With our helpful plant techs, you’re free from setting up or removing decorations.
  • Plant Installations and Rentals: Add a touch of Colorado to your events, from conferences to conventions, with native plants that capture your color preferences and event theme. When your get-together arrives, our plant techs will too. They’ll set up your interior and exterior plants, and then return to remove them after the event is finished.
  • Blooming Plant Program: Keep your storefront, hospital, hotel or company stocked in color and thriving live plants with our Blooming Plant Program. Like our interior and exterior plantscaping for businesses, we consult with you to learn about your vision before creating a layout you and your team will love. Throughout the seasons, we’ll rotate your plants, as well as care for them with routine watering, fertilizing and cleaning.
  • Living Walls: Surprise your guests and clients with beautiful living walls, also known as green walls. One-on-one, our techs will consult with you and survey your building to find the perfect location for your green walls, which can help with air quality, noise, stress and even energy use! As a part of this interior plant service, we’ll also maintain your wall throughout the year to keep it fresh year round.
  • Property Care: Give your exterior the seasonal care it requires to shine with our commercial plant maintenance services. Our entourage of plant techs will weed, water, fertilize and mulch your property, as well as remove any old mulch, rocks, pathways or walls that you’d like taken away.


Living Walls


Beautiful. Unique. Creative. Since their introduction centuries ago, vertical gardens have remained a welcomed addition to organizations, from interior decorating firms to historic concert halls to modern resorts.

Living WallsLiving Walls

Exterior Professional Landscaping


The Colorado landscape is known for its breathtaking beauty. Why not celebrate and accentuate that beauty by highlighting the exterior of your business? Landscaping the outdoors can be time-consuming,

Exterior Plant ServicesExterior Plant Services

Plant Rentals & Plantscaping for Commercial Events


We all love fun, memorable events, whether it's a retirement party, end-of-the-year celebration or must-see conference. While your caterers, speakers and attendees are one part of a triumphant run as host,

Events & RentalsEvents & Rentals

Holiday & Event Decor for Your Business


As the holidays draw near, from the Fourth of July to Cinco de Mayo to Christmas, your clients feel the pull of the season and look for it everywhere they go, whether it's their favorite restaurant, resort or concert hall.

Holiday DecorHoliday Decor
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Brighten Your Building With Plant Escape

At Plant Escape, we’re passionate about the power of plants. From providing your team an alternative breakroom retreat to offering your clients a reason to stay and return, interior and exterior plantscaping for your business can lead to more than a stunning arrangement — it can plant the seeds to productivity boosts, satisfaction increases and a growth spurt in foot traffic.

Discover how our award-winning commercial plant services can brighten your building by contacting us today at 303.584.0496 for a free consult and proposal!