Year-Round Commercial Landscaping Tips For Your Business

For many businesses located in regions that experience seasonal extremes, such as the Rocky Mountains, commercial landscaping design for properties can present a particularly vexing challenge. What is the best way to design and maintain a landscape that can not only provide a vibrant, colorful environment during the summer months but also easily handle the snow loads and bleak conditions of winter that most commercial properties experience?

Winter Landscaping Preparations For Your Colorado Yard And Garden

Living in the colorful state of Colorado, we get to experience every season. And without a doubt, winter is coming, and it’s coming quickly. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures will soon begin to slip. To protect your family and pets, you’ll wear warmer clothing; you’ll stay indoors and drink hot cocoa. But your garden isn’t so lucky. The plants are left to endure the harsh elements. And even though it appears there isn’t much happening on the surface, below the soil there is a plethora of activity that requires year round nurturing. So how do you protect your plants?

Featured Guest Blog – Evolve Property Management on Low Maintenance Landscape

At the end of a long day, your tenants want to come to an attractive, well-kept place! Proper landscaping helps improve curb appeal, attracts good tenants, and increases the property value. However, watering and mowing the grass at your rental property can potentially consume a large part of your budget and resources. If you want a.

Increase Hotel ROI With Plants

No matter where someone travels, they’re always looking to stay in a place with a view. While the most spectacular views come with equally spectacular price tags, hotels with more humble vistas can still be desirable destinations if they have the right design elements. The lobby is an especially powerful place for improving aesthetics, and.

Benefits of Plants in Hospitals

Plants can be a welcome addition to any interior space. From offices and retail locations to homes, plants bring a natural look to an interior. But what about hospitals? Many people don’t consider how plants could benefit the clinical interior of a hospital, but several hospitals are starting to design their buildings with more plants included. Here are some reasons why you might consider adding foliage to your medical building.

Plants: Your New Favorite Coworker?

The benefits of office plants are quickly becoming common knowledge… Long dead are the days of the dusty ficus, sequestered to the dimly-lit corners of gray cubicles across America. In general, the popularity of office plants and potted greenery is on the rise and for good reason… We all know that flora is beneficial to.

Can Landscape Design Increase Your Home’s Property Value?

Boost the green in your pocket by maximizing the green in your yard. If you�ve lived in and around the Denver area for longer than 5 minutes, you are probably familiar with its current booming economy. New developments are going up left and right, with high-rise cranes becoming hard to miss cornerstones of the ever-changing.

Houseplants: The What, Where, And Why Guide

Plants can survive without humans but humans cannot survive without plants. Bringing the outdoors in has long been a favorite design theme practiced by interior decorators the world over. Houseplants can add warmth to what might be a cold and barren living room. They can brighten up kitchens and personalize bedrooms. Plants will, literally, fill your.

Plants: Practically Perfect For Protection And Privacy

The A, B, Cs of privacy landscaping Do you have neighbors? Probably. Do you like your neighbors? Hopefully. Do you want to see what your neighbors are doing in their backyard or worse, know that they can see everything you do in yours� NEVER! With lot sizes decreasing and population density increasing, we�re living closer.

Pretty Yet Poisonous: The 15 Most Common Plants Harmful To Your Pet

Know Before You Grow Most of us are familiar with the old adage �Curiosity killed the cat.� Meant to dissuade the prying of nosy people into the affairs of others, it serves as a warning to mind your own beeswax. But for any pet owner, the phrase should be taken literally, as a lot of.

The Power Of Positive Planting

Reduce anxiety and control stress levels by living a plant-iful lifestyle. Hi there. Are you stressed out? Worried about the future? Frustrated with your spouse? Irritated with your children? Join the club. Maybe you’re tired, nervous, over-worked, under-appreciated, tense all the time… Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone… While this may sound.

Oh Grow Up: An Introduction To Living Walls And Vertical Gardening

If walls could� bloom�? No longer just of interest to architectural companies looking to win innovative design awards, living walls or vertical gardens are sprouting up all over the world. Defined as being vertical planting structures �  an upright ecosystem, complete with irrigation and drainage support, these walls can exist in both interior and exterior.

Green Roofs: A Scenic Solution Or A Wealth Waster?

Roofs are like nose hairs, practically everyone has them and they�re not exactly attractive. Fortunately, a new generation of builders, landscape architects, government officials and property owners are discovering the many benefits of rooftop gardens, as well as other features of a green roof.? These secret islands of bucolic beauty that are rarely seen and never.

Let’s Talk Trees!

When it comes to buying trees, a decision made in haste can lead to a lifetime of regret. This is heavy stuff, man� Many trees GROW more beautiful generation after generation. Others have the potential to create decades of headaches, dropping messy fruit or ridiculously bothersome sticks into your tranquil retreat . So, just like.

Plant Escape’s HOT LIST – Top Garden Trends for 2018!

“The top 2018 landscape trends reflect an evolution of the outdoor living trend we’ve seen grow in popularity over the past few years. Stimulated by a healthy economy, homeowners and property managers are innovating their landscapes in fun new ways. Recognizing the tremendous value that beautiful and functional landscapes bring to homes and commercial properties, today’s landscapes.

Firescaping: Landscape Design That Could Save Your Home And Your Life

Colorado has 4 major seasons: football, skiing, road construction and fire (fall, winter, spring and summer, respectively). And since we’ve long been plagued with below average precipitation levels, diminishing snow fall leading to minimal runoff and nonexistent rain storms, plus temperature anomalies bringing warm weather earlier and earlier with each passing year, it would appear.

Beautify Your Business: Commercial Landscape Design Ideas

THE BASICS OF GOOD COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN Owning and operating your own business can mean a To-Do list that stretches from here to Timbuktu… From ensuring that you provide quality goods or services to the paying public to maintaining the well-being of your employees, you are most likely stuck in a constant juggling act, to.

So Fresh And So Green: Plantscaping Your New Office Build Out

Every year, the grass on the other side of the fence looks greener to many entrepreneurs, and a change of place looks like the most promising path to growth. So they pull up stakes and head for a new home, where they hope to find better odds for business success than they had in their.

Big Bad Bug Blog – Episode #1: The Japanese Beetle

The Invasion A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away� We�re talking Riverton, New Jersey, 1916� an unassuming beetle was found living in a crate of iris bulbs at a local nursery. Shipped directly from Japan, before the establishment of border inspections on imported goods prior to entry, the bulbs are now believed.

Big Bad Bug Blog – Episode #2: The Emerald Ash Borer

The Invasion 2002 was a bad year for ash trees. An alien invader, living undetected since the 1990s, was about to take center stage in single-handily decimating their population in North America. Before that fateful year, the emerald ash borer was never found outside of Asia. Hailing from northern China and Korea, they also inhabit eastern.

Big Bad Bug Blog – Episode #3: The Mountain Pine Beetle

The Invasion Not all enemies invade. Sometimes, they’re here all along, living right beside us. Flying under the radar, waiting until the timing and the conditions are right. Then they attack. The mountain pine beetle, native to the forests of western North America, from Mexico to central British Columbia, is one of 200 different species of  bark beetle. Normally, these insects lend a helping.

Big Bad Bug Blog – Episode #4: The Black-tusked Tussock Moth

The Invasion A little caterpillar with a big appetite is chomping down on some of our finest furs, across the Front Range. A Colorado native, the black-tusked or Douglas fir tussock moth is an apt defoliator of spruce, Douglas-fir, true fir and other conifers in the Rocky Mountain region. In forests, tussock moth outbreaks usually.

Beneficial Bugs: A Love Letter

What do you think about the bugs in your yard? Do you see them as either ‘good bugs, ready to help pollinate your plants or as ‘bad bugs, out to destroy your garden? Fact is, most of them are neither one. More than 90% of the bugs in the average landscape are just there‘.. pretty.

Updates To The Denver Green Roof Initiative Explained!

Green As Far As The Eye Can See Imagine you are in a hot-air balloon, slowly taking off in the middle of a city’s downtown sector. You see the normal aspects of city life: hurried pedestrians, bright lights, and cars screeching at one another. Heat rises from the black asphalt. You continue to gain height..

August In Your Colorado Yard And Garden: A To-Do List

August gardening chores can be a mixed bag. For many Colorado growers, this month begins the downhill slide into off-season. So, by all means, take some time to simply enjoy your yard and garden, considering all the hard work you’ve put into it. Don’t get too relaxed, though, as August weather is often milder than.

Xeriscape: Colorado’s Own Solution To Landscaping In A Drought

If you live in Colorado, you’re no stranger to drought conditions. These past, oh I don’t know… 20 years have been dry ones and municipalities are becoming more rigid regarding non-essential water use. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to design a drought-tolerant landscape in our arid state that can yield a lush and interesting.

How To Give Your Lawn A Fall Face-lift!

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Do you want barefoot-enticing, carbon-sequestering, strike-envy-in-the-hearts-of-every-neighbor turf? If so, you better get to work this fall. And for now, the weather is on your side! That’s the dirty little secret of gardening in Colorado: Fall is better than spring for so many things, especially lawn work. Cooler temperatures.

Perfect Perennials For Your Centennial State Garden!

You think you have a black thumb. Or you’re new to Colorado and you’ve recently been made aware that your new home state’s soil, weather, sun, seasons and critters are completely different from the place you just left. Either way, you’re daunted. Gardener, take heart. Given average soil (meaning, pretty sad) and average sunlight (meaning,.

Landscaping Tips To Bring Buyers Knocking At Your Door!

Potential home buyers form their first impression of a home from its curb appeal. Yet often a home’s outdoor landscaping is overlooked or underdone, in the preparation for the sales process. An attractive and well-maintained landscape can add as much as 10 percent to the value of your home. Ideally, the time to get started.

Benefits of Plants in the Office

Your organization needs employees and co-workers who are engaged, energized and ready to get things done. How can you fail to accomplish this? Give them a boring workspace. Too many office space planners ignore the importance of interior design, opting instead to focus on functionality and cost-efficiency. Unfortunately, this oversight often results in less motivated.

Top Benefits of Professional Plant Care

Most plants seem easy to care for on the surface just add a little water, watch for bugs and you’ve got a growing plant on your hands! The truth, however, is that most plants need a bit more than what we’re giving them. That’s where professional plant care can help. Professional plant care companies do.

Plants That Purify the Air

As modern humans, we spend a good portion of our lives indoors, whether we’re working in an office, hanging out with friends or simply relaxing at home. Unfortunately, indoor environments are more dangerous to your health and well-being than you might think. It’s not your electrical outlets or toolkits that you should be afraid of,.

What Is Plantscaping?

In todays age, most people spend a majority of their time indoors. While comfortable, this lifestyle keeps our interactions with the natural world at a depressingly low level. The worst part? It’s keeping us stressed and sick. There are numerous benefits to placing plants in homes and offices, from improved air quality to reduced stress.